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Digital Purified illustrations

I recently did some illustrations for Digital Purified. Some animated some note. Nothing fancy but were welcomed. Go and checkout their posts to pick up some nifty tricks for setting up a wordpress site, fiddling with hosting and the likes.

Google analytics wordpress

Setting up a google analytics in WordPress – read it here

wordpress for professional bloggers

WordPress as the best blogging platform article. Read it here

Pointing a domain to a hosting

Pointing your domain to a cpanel with multihosting – read it here

chickens rangers


Freerangers! I little play on my Ipad, when on Xmass in rural part of Poland. I happened to walk past a horde of some really chilled out chickens who paid me no mind just grazing on some leftover grass and was so impressed with the image of these strong and carefree birds that decided to dedicate this little sketch to them.

Btw, if you are a lucky owner of an ipad and happen to afford a little more for a decent drawing app, head over to their site at http://procreate.si/ or find procreate on appstore and get yourself one.

You’ll be happy you did! Happy drawing!

Sprite something animation - thai boat skipper

Thai Long boat skipper sprite animation

Sprite something animation - thai boat skipper


Some more playing with spritesomething from @mattfox12. This one’s actually a, now distant, memory from our last visit to Thailand.

sprite something thumbnail

Spritesomething for ipad – test

spritesomething animated giff


Testing spritesomething from @mattfox12. Such a cool application!

Terry Gilliam’s Do It Yourself Animation Show

I’ve been studying After Effects recenlty due to overwhelming urge to move things around a little bit. I happened to receive a video in a newsletter from SwissMiss  and I thought I’d share it on the blog as it’s such an incredible example of how little of expensive software (and how much of patience, creativity and careful planning) is needed to create something so unique and engaging. I think I am going to try some of that. There, I said it – now I need to feel guilty about it. Here’s Terry Gilliam’s doing what he did to make us all enjoy the crazy animations Monthy Python’s movies were so generously peppered with:

London versus New York Infographic

It has sure been empty here for a looong time now!
I am just popping in with a good news(for me…)! An infographic I was commissioned to create for Expedia.co.uk last year has been published on Time Out’s blog and their facebook page, and from what I could see, gained quite a bit of social traction (I think this is what it’s called). Quite a few likes and plenty of comments from supporters of either city.
Trying to keep it cool but, really, chuffed to bits with the outcome! Good times!

Here it is:

London versus New York infographic

Data Visualisation. London and NYC in numbers

and here you can see it on the TimeOut Blog and their facebook page and also on the Handpicked London’s facebook page… I will stop now.

If you want to talk about an infographic for your business, drop me a line and let’s talk.

Twisted Merry Christmas Card with Santa flashing his tattoo on the big belly...

Twisted Santa Card

Here’s something I started around last Christmas as one of the projects for Jon Schindehette’s Art Order Christmas Challenge challenge. I decided to go with something else in the end and let this sleep on my hard-drive all this time. I sort of forgot about it until recently, and decided to use it to wrap up the 2011.
Here it is – my twisted take on Santa, the flasher.
I saved screens from the process so might share it later. Merry Christmas, everyone!
Twisted Merry Christmas Card with Santa flashing his tattoo on the big belly...

The Grudge stylized comic vector illustration

Happy Halloweeen – vector illustration

Vector illustration of "The Grudge" stylised character.

I’ve had so much trouble getting to grips with some b…d of a bug on my blog recently that I hardly found time to play. The work is still very much in progress but for now I would like to jump on a halloween wagon while it’s still going (no treatortreaters at my door tonight, though, except for the Tesco delivery guy – he BROUGHT the candy though… did that just sound odd?)

Anyway, this one’s done in illustrator with limited colours and I like it. I also created this custom “grudge girl brush” that you see in use in the background that I am considering giving away for free, so give me a shout if interested.

and here’s a closer shot at some those veiny, clawy hands:

The Grudge stylized comic vector illustration

La pousse – final

Pure vector, not a stray raster was used in production of this illustration. Not that I am especially proud or anything. Just saying.

I am kinda proud. It took a lot of work…

La pousse – W.I.P.

Finally got round to follow up on my animal mugshots project. As promised, next suspect on the list is the Kat, or La Pousse – haven’t quite worked out what to name it yet. I am working entirely in illustrator with this one. Trying to keep it fairly simple but I guess I wont be able to avoid some simple gradients, as much as I am trying to stay away from those nowadays.

To be continued!

Old Chief’s assassination – concept art

A Speedpaint in Corel and Photoshop from a couple of day earlier

Listening to what’s below while looking at this pic recommended:)

Shootin’ sh..t out – concept art

I went a little crazy with some more custom brushes on this one. I quite enjoy this mess. I should probably define more here and there.


Trooperbot – speedpaint concept

A quick sketch exploring various custom brushes. I’m doing more and more graphic design recently so just found this little time to bash this one out. It’s inspired by my recent discovery on CGHUB, the amazing Richard Anderson . Do check him out.

Ambush – WiP

Long time no post! I’ve been busy. And it was good. Now it’s time to come back to this dreadful and dull activity.  Digital Painting – bleh…

Here’s some progress I made on the ambush scene: Injected colour, pimped the warrior’s axe and tidied up the cloaks on villains. I am almost done. Very tempted to add some frogs but afraid they might steal the picture.

Concept art – Ambush WiP

Warming up after a week-long break spent mostly on eating, sipping on beer and sorting out two of my teeth in a surprisingly painless manner (although my bank account would surely disagree).

This is a development of an earlier sketch showing a roughed up warrior on the run, ambushed by a bunch of “hoodies” wanting to rough him up even more… TBC

Animals – Criminals – Mugshots – Kat-z

It might be long before another update as I am heading to Poland for a week, so let me just show a preview of the next in the series of Animal Mugshots – this time It’s Kat-z, althought the name might change. Previous one was in photoshop, this time I’ve decided to use illustrator, to keep things more flexible and my computer from choking at the final stage of rendering.

It seems to have a little less interest than the Dawg but hope to adjust it later on. Also the colour is just an overlay – not what I am going for in the final.

Have a great weekend.

Character concept – chewbacca

I’ve added bits and pieces. I think I will do no more on this fella. After all – StarWars has already been filmed;) Onto next one!

Dawg – T-shirt design in the animals criminals series

Thought this was good enought to submit it for scoring on threadless.  If you like it, click on one of the links below to give it some love. Thanks!

Score this design: “dawg,” to help it get printed on Threadless!

” />

Star Wars Redesign – CGhub

Here’s my entry to cghub’s Start Wars redesign concept art competition. It’s a “roughie” since I only managed squeeze around two hours to work on it last night. On the other hand – it’s a decent speedpaint(or is it) for two hours worth of work so I am not feeling that bad about it. In terms of actual Character re-design? To “question” the designs of Star Wars concept artists was never really my agenda so I just did a more menacing and mechanicaly pimped version of Chewbacca

Rugby Art – ashtray

Well, it is not really an ashtray;) Just a piece of graphic done moments ago. I am experimenting a lot with choppy, simplified shapes today and also working out some ideas for an animation  – rugby game videoclip to the sound of sepultura – gritty, fast, hardcore style clip. Trouble is, the animation is not exactly really high on my agenda of priorities so for now I am just making these quick “sketches” to get an idea and also as a reminder. Well, that’s all.

Animal Mugshots Posters – “Dawg”

My first one in the series of  Animal Mugshots . I keep wanting to use “Crinimals” but it somehow doesn’t seem to fly;) Anyways – meet “The Dawg”. Soon he’ll be available in print. I am planning to work on a cat first, but I am open to suggestions, should someone had any… anyone? Well, I guess it’s cats then;) Stay tuned:)

New Zealand 41-10 – the aftermath

I am still inspired by recent rugby illustrations I did for netkultura and just happened to have 15 min during my lunchbreak so did a quick lasso too sketch in photoshop to celebrate the Rugby World Cup kick off. Must say – quite pleased All Blacks won against Tonga. Mainly for design purposes;)

Poster Design – motivators

I’ve started working on a project including posters with quotes by famous people. I want them to be mostly motivational and inspirational. Just the sort of thing I’ve recently took an interest in.

Inkling by Wacom

I need to give this toy a try at least!


London riot inspired Error 404 page

I’ve said that before but it’s worth repeating now – I am by no means taking the piss here. It’s purely to exercise my creative license, so I hope none of you folks get offended but I had this idea since Monday and decided to create my very own riot Error 404 page…

Female Warrior – char-concept

A quick (ish) sketch from this afternoon. I was after something else but just went where the custom brushes took me;)

Googlebot – chatacter design

I was after some instant satisfaction yesterday and not much into monsters so decided to do a google-bot version for my lovely wife’s WordPress SEO blog (hmm, the “instant satisfaction” bit now sounds a little ambiguous…good;)). I used a tiny post it sketch for that – I really wanted it fast, which I then traced roughly in PS on another layer and inked digitally using lasso tool on yet another layer. Lasso is my favorite tool for linework in photoshop. It’s pretty fast and there gives that nice, choppy look since I am mostly using straight lines.

Small TIP here: should you want to use some cross-hatching with this technique, instead of selecting the shapes one by one on the same layer, create one “cross-hatch” shape on a new layer, then duplicate it by Click+alt-dragging (or click+shift+alt to drag in a straight line) the amount of times you need it and flatten these layer afterwards.

Having the cross hatch on the separate layer will allow you to reuse it as long as you don’t want to change the angle of that layer too much – remember it’s pixels we’re talking so any transformations, except for “flip horizontal” or “flip vertical” will create fuzzy edges.

God Of War – submission

Ok, that will be it in terms of this challenge. Soon as I stop being totally fed up with this piece I am gonna sit down and make adjustments.  There are some really strong works over at CGHUB for this particular drawing Jam, all sorts of flavors. Go and check if you’re into that sh..t;)

GOW – tiny bit of progress

As per title, hardly did any more work on it but. Just layed down some extra strokes and added green colour. It was really great to take a short vacation from it. I feel I’ve got some good ideas to finish it off.


China town hustle

Here’s an example of how messy my real life sketchbook can get. To justify myself, I will say it’s sketched on my lap, during my tube journey to work which gets pretty shaky so straight lines are no option (although my lady fellow-commuters might disagree – they slap their make up on and use eyeliners totally oblivious to biggest turbulences, what’s their secret?!). I now need to work sort out foreshortening and perspective here but once I am done, it will be a badass, I tell ya;)



god of war continues

I’ve decided to go back a little and clean up first applying the crazy colours afterwards. It’s going a little against my impatient nature but It might teach me something in the process. Right now It’s not probably looking like anything but since I could not get a good pic of my newly arrived business cards (forgot my camera at work) – I thought I shall at least share the process… The god damn CGHUB has some issues with server so I cannot upload it to the thread, though. Lucky its not the deadline.

CGHub Drawing Jam continues…

Here are my most recent takes on the CGHUB 2d Drawing jam. I woke up today thinking the whole image is in need of serious revamp and I am now sitting down to it holding on to that idea, while at the same time thinking: “I really fancy some good meaty lunch today…” I just cannot chase this thought away…

And this is from after:

Not much really has changed… but stay tuned

God of War sketch-jam

I am waiting for a feedback from my client about a logo so I thought it’s a good time to get on the CGhub forums and take part in some sketch-jams.

Here’s some process pics from this morning.

with one more from 20 min later. This one’s beginning to look like a propaganda poster but hell, just going with the flow…


Fairytales, re-imagined – final

Ok, away wth this. I am feeling like a zombie this morning and did not really have time to go over and correct things before the deadline but here it is and I need to move on now. My gangsta take on Great Bobby Chiu “Fairytales re-imagined” Challenge on CG-hub.  I hope someone likes it – I kind of do…



Fairytales – re-imagined – continued



This is where I left off last night, or this morning. Got the whole scene finally set up. It’ll be time to polish it off tonight.

Fairytales re-imagined




Rushing with it till the deadline tomorrow… Bad planning, I am afraid. Have to make some cuts in order to get it finished


Character concept – fishslapp

Something from this afternoon’s warmup.

Female warrior concept sketch…

“Mike Chick, 1, 2…” just testing some female bits and pieces;) Monster still present, but unconscious. Short speed overpaint based on an old pencil sketch. Need to work on details more… She’s kinda manly, too, I am afraid.

Cyborg Squad – updated

Just added some scratches and blemishes to these guys. I felt they deserved a little extra attention after lunchtime.

if you came here by clicking the banner on the homepage and are looking for the other two images that are featured there here they are:slapper and woman-illustrI-ps

Cyborgs – concept art

Testing my bamboo wacom over a messy sketch from my sketchbook. 1hr. Almost forgot – the brushes here are downloaded from Mark Molnars blog. Thanks for sharing!

Battle scene illustration – WiP

I keep forgetting this is meant to be my online sketchbook  and not the concept art portfolio. Went into this mad loop of shying away from showing my sketches and ideas and allowed the adobemagic to hang to dry again… Over now. I’ve spent last evening working on this and feel like it’s now getting somewhere I like again.

Animals Criminals – mugshots sketches

Here’s some W.I.P work – sketch to ink (in photoshop) process for a Crinimals project: Scruffy animals’ mugshots. I know – will have to work on the title a little…

Fairy-tales re-imagined continued

Still moving slow, but things are under control here so I am happy with it so far.

Robot bodyguard sketch

Just something from my tube sketching, to work on later on…

Fairy tales – re-imagined… continued

Terribly slow pace but I only just managed to sit down to it now…

Fairy Tales re-imagined – WIP

I am going to go with process posts in this case so it might get a little boring but hopefully a nice flick through after I am done with it. Initially I was going to go with more cartoony line work but I would really like to challenge myself with some neat 3d style rendering and this time around I also want to do it in an organized way, not just pixel-happy as I normally do.

Here, I have applied some texture so it feels organic and basic

Colossus Challenge – finals

Here they are, my submissions to Deviantart Colossus Challenge. Wish I had more time but isn’t that always the case? Viewing the entries is strongly recommended to all ya’ll monster lovers;)



golden locks and three bears – re-told

I drew this one on the tube yesterday thinking about Bobby Chiu’s Fairy Tales re-imagined challenge that’s been going on at CGHUB.  I happened to be listening to some hip-hop while drawing so… there you go – G-loxx ‘n’ 3bearz is the result of that. I like it – I’ll go with it:)

Bounty Hunter

Or Mad-Max version of a Ghost Buster, not sure yet but quite tempted with the idea of making it a big .ss chapel…;) That heavy face reminds me a little of Mickey Rourke! Haven’t posted in a while so here is some update. I am working on two versions of colossus for the deviant art and already sense I will have serious difficulties pulling it off…

Vector Stamp

Ok, just this quick one and I am starting on the colossus challenge…

gangsta talk

Just playing with different cartoony styles and differently coloured line work. I’ve been brushing up my flash today so not much time to do any serious work. I quite like the dynamics and colour pallet of this one, though..

Ninja T-shirt design

Been toying with vectors today, trying to do a cute character for a change…


Booty sketch – coz it’s Saturday

Was looking at the Creaturebox website today. Love these guys! Cannot focus on anything today so had a go at the cartoony style and, since there’ve been only monsters here recently, I’ve decided to add a fair bit of booty for a good measure…

Skate Deck Design

Started working on a design for the new Infectious Skate Deck Challenge. Thought I will give it a try, since getting busy with these does good to me:) and, whilts also working on the Colossus challenge, I can jump between vectors and digital painting whenever I feel like on or the other start to get better of me…

This here is based on a sketch I did while on holiday in Cambodia. This is just a draft, it might all change and get pretty so stay tuned…


I received my prints from photobox today. Really happy with the quality, must say! I might sit down and redo the art a little though. I need prints for the Halifax Festival where I will have my little spot, too. Quite exciting!

Colossus Challenge – first take

Phew, almost did not make it to post today. It’s my first attempt at some concept for the Deviantart’s ongoing colossus challenge. It’s pretty rough and limbs don’t make much sence but I was really trying to be loose with it as quite frankly, I cannot think of nothing specific and just wanted to get something out. You can pretty much tell from the tube “sketch” from this morning;)

Puffing pigglet – character art

I think it’s done but I will leave the assessment until tomorrow coz now I literally hate this guy;) I need to switch to something else for tonight – vector, flash, beer and movie… Anything

Puffing Warrior – continued

Continuing with the portrait of the warthog fella (last minute changes, before it was more of a wolf/boar)… Almost there

Mecha law enforcer – concept art

I am starting to love the gray letraset markers. They create such a good texture to work with it’s too good to be true. Well, it isn’t, I am just saying… I drew this one last night with those markers (on the left) and added some photoshop colouring to it. I will take this one further, real soon for now I am proving that my sketch a day resolution is still at work!

Seems to have potential of a portfolio piece, this one…

Friday Speedpaint

I could not find a decent pencil in my bag this morning on the tube but found a grayscale letraset marker instead. I am not used to them as much plus it’s shaky on the tube, as usual, so just kept smearing until I thought I noticed something. Kinda feel awkward being so rubbish at getting started when there’s a person sitting next to me, peeking over my shoulder. I can literally feel their dissapointment when instead of seeing piece of art in the making they see what could come from mentally disturbed baby…

I had a moment after lunch to work up a concept out of it and It’s now passable, I think.

Trooper sketch – character concept

I’ve created a new rule of creating at least one quick sketch on the way to work and using the 25 minutes before I begin to work to try pimp it with some photoshop brushes, colours and textures. I want this habit, it’s a good habit…

Ball pen + photoshop + wacom bamboo one


Found a great cover art for Souls of Mischief album – Montezumas Revenge. Don’t know who did it (yet) but really loved the style so had to sketch it. Painted loose in photoshop and my dodgy wacom bamboo one…

Adobemagic – new logo design

I am revamping my blog. It’s been long overdue and I need to slap some funky make up on it even though I produce mostly monsters in armor;)  This it new logo I designed last Sunda. I will loose the strap line and leave the colour decision until last minute.  I really like the rabbit here. It can be easily animated and makes for a good symbol. Opinions are welcome:)

Puffing Warrior – character concept

Whatta great weekend! Had a really beautiful sunny Saturday Afternoon with my Wife, managed to created a logo concept for my new wordpress layout (coming soon) and did some more work on the warrior concept! It looks like I might be becoming… time efficient? Hmm… Happy Monday everyone?


The General – concept art

I tried my hand at speed painting this armoured horror last night. Staying limited to 1-3 layers really keeps things flowing. I’ll keep on that…

Warrior Character concept

Something from the lunchbreak. Sketched it on the tube and and played with some colours using my bamboo one. I think it’s a little broken. The pen has become really irresponsible, I mean – unresponsive;) Other than that, I have just added myself to the fierce community of CG-HUB (I thought I had my account there before but must’ve been wrong). Either way, my skin is thicker now so I should be alright…

Tana Umaga – no line-work

Yup, no linework. I finally gave up trying to do LoopyDave style here (I cannot render that nice!) and went for Filip’s style. More easy on the eye – my eye to be precise as it meant less staring at the screen. I did my share of staring with this one and I hope it shows, too. Enjoy, rugby fans!

Orc Boss – refurbished

Here it is. My good ol’ Orc Boss that’s(hopefully) even more frightening and bloodthirsty…

Italian Rugby Team – some humour

Here’s another humorous (I hope) illustration I did for the netkultura.pl . It’s a pretty long article so I thought of making the client happy and adding some quick, light type of image, to break the text down into more digestible chunks.

Yep, I know I might be adding insult to an injury here but I had not much to post today as I continue to update my portfolio…

Netkultura Article – pt2 – sketch to vector

Having some fun with this one. Really great to revisit pen tool and play with creating some custom brushes in illustrator. this is how it looks in vectors. I will now take it for a spin in photoshop. I kinda wish I had time to finish it all in vector but in case I am also interested how it’ll look when I start going medieval on its a… with textures and blend modes… good times ahead!

I hope the message of the illustration becomes clear now. I would like not to cause any offence towards Italian rugby fans as the text of the article is not offensive either and highlights the nation’s legacy on other sport fields (instead)

Netkultura article – sketch 1

I am working on the idea for yet another netkultura.pl article about the six nation and rise and falls story of one of its participants – Italy. This is a first sketch. I really like the idea, but have to make changes to the layout. I hope I will be able to do it up in illustrator, but I am also considering inking it by hand. So little time… Thankfully, I also came up with a back up, simpler cartoon like illustration for the same article.

Portfolio refurbish

A good friend of mine has booked me in (without asking, the bugger) to show my pieces at the Halifax Festival.  It’s a great call as, with creating a portfolio in mind, I’ve been trying to get around to revisit some of my stuff  that I knew had potential but was not quite there in terms of finish. Here I am trying to make my Orc Boss a little more dynamic and menacing (a serious foreshortening issue is still present but, hopefully, that’ll get done away with today)  So now I have my incentive and virtually no time before I need to send them to print, plus I’ve yet to do another illustration for netkultura.pl. Still battling a little holiday illness but otherwise – I like it busy…

Snow-demon vs Wizard – pt2

Managed to squeeze in some detail but seems to me I also stopped the big guy in his tracks… seems a little overloaded now. We’ll see. Off to a BBQ now so will do more up tomorrow… cheers

Snowy Demon vs Wizard – face off. pt 1

Back from trip to Asia and back to Photoshop. It was great to get away from digital and stick to pencil and occasional watercolours all this time (boy, I need practice there…) My sketchbook is full of really interesting, asian art influenced sketches and patterns I am not sure what to do with, so before I get to that I thought I get into groove with my rusty and trusty wacom. Started from a sketch of a beastly looking fella barging into a house but then thought: outdoors is better… TBC.

Moleskine adventures

Tripping around Asia. I’ve taken quite a lot of supplies with me: pens (including posca), pencils, watercolour sketcher and three different sketchbooks… About 3kg extra to my luggage. Sticking to my pocket moleskine for now as we’re busy exploring (that includes sightseeing as well as sampling local drink and cuisine…). Just trying out some more graphical styles. Some of these designs seem like they’d look pretty cool as murals.

Demon Rising – concept art

Some concept art I would like to say “inspired by Kekai Kotaki” but I am wary of putting his name next to my piece. It’ll work as bleach on fabric, I am afraid, for this guy’s stuff is a work of genius.

Don’t push my button

Not exactly a promotional material but I had this teddy in my sketchbook since Saturday, when we were sitting in the pizzeria, me and my Madzius, and today, during my lunchbreak I was just in the right mood, so there you go…

Tana Umaga – more WIP

Haven’t had time to finish it off yet. This Tana Umaga pic is almost finished. I just need to remove the linework, add detail to the mechanical parts and correct the hairdo a little. I am jumping between projects at the moment wanting to get as many things done as I can before heading off to Asia(have to brag, sorry) for holiday next week.  It’s likely to result in having all of them not quite finished by the time I only have time to pack my backpack but hell – I am going to Asia! Bring on the spices! Bring on the Malaysian Satay!

I’ll stop now.

Ultimate Fighter Challenge – W.I.P.


New ArtOrder challenge is here! Theme: Ultimate Warrior. Sounds good and gives me a chance to go on and prove to some of my friends that I can do humans, too:) In this case, I am going with a black kickass female warrior.

I really don’t want to loose the catwomaney vibe… cannot quite decide whether it’s too much of a cliche or not. It’s not meant to be a catwoman, btw  (I am torn between wolf and a dragon in the origins department) although, must admit – once this sketch started taking shape I did go and researched pics of Hale Berry. As much as I didn’t enjoy her acting there – she’s one fine looking lady;)

Threadless – tee design – W.I.P


How can you not love (or at least – really enjoy) English language with all those imaginative phrases that can so easily be turned into illustrations or designs? If not in a straightforward way, then at least on the inspirational level – the language is IT! This one started as my take on “Bear with me” phrase and initially consisted of only the middle graphic of little girl hugging a bear. However, as with most of my designs – things tend to take nasty spins, so there you  go… Looking at this now, it’s more “Bear in mind”… I’ve submitted if to some critique on the threadless.com and will rework it before I put it through to print but I think it’s going somewhere… I sacrificed my lunch break to make it so it’s worth at least a shish kebab and fries (which is what I fancied that day)…

Mecha dude – speedpaint

I actually sat down to start working on the Ultimate Fighter Challenge @artorder but, as usual, things worked out differently. I’ve never drawn mecha/giant robot before. Kinda fun.


Tana Umaga – Rugby rulez

I was recently asked to produce an illustration for a rugby related article in polish e-magazine – NETKULTURA – hell yeah! rugby’s hit the polish ground running, apparently. Admittedly, I did not research how polish rugby teams are doing or whether our rugby fans have managed to create any significant and worth noting damage to public property, or other rugby fans.
What I do know is that we aren’t included in the Six Nations tournament and since the topic of this article was New Zealand’s ALL BLACKS and their former captain TANA UMAGA so he became my focus here…
I am now working on the more rendered version now, actually, inspired by recent encounter of wonderful stuff by Loopydave – do check him out but come back to see my version, too!;)



Adobe Creative Juices Logo competition


My submission to Adobe Creative Juices logo competition. Mind mapping, sketches, references… I tried to stick to old school techniques utilizing only two colors, staying away from gradients and any small parts that a 3 year old could choke on while playing with the logo.  The result is a simple, two color logo combined of letters disguised as a glass of grapefruit juice pretending with a color palette instead of a citrus slice…phew. There. Quite happy with the result…

urban sketch


Testing some dirty, textured custom brushes, trying to concept out a fat, enigmatic dude, looking up at the skyscraper… not really.

I am couting minutes to see how my zombie design did on infectious.com. I am hoping for at least half a heart and I am hoping for heart half full, not half empty…. Pop over to see what I mean.

Painter speedpaint


I’ve been trying painter 10 this morning. Damn this shit is good! Seems so naturally fitting with my messed up style. I was put off by version 9.5 – it seemed to have a lot of issue with my imac. It must have been some bugs that I never got round fixing so I sort of shut it down and moved to photoshop fulltime. Painter 10 gives me none of that crap I love the brushes. Actually, while I am at it – I feel it’s only fair to recommend one wicked artist’s work to look at as it was his tutorial – article in recent ImagineFX that got me to upgrade to CP10. Blender Bristle brush really rocks, so thanks, Mr Kan Muftic !

Infectious Contests, iphone skin design

Here we are. If you would like to see that zombie on your iphone, ipad, laptop, you name it – you’ve gotta show me some love here.  Can’t quite believe I’ve submitted it before the deadline. Must be getting better at it… Waiting for the answer from the infectious whether it got accepted or not. Hope it does (EDIT  – it did! Wee-haa!). One way or the other I will probably want one myself. It’s such a cutie even my Wife said she’d consider… I know she was just being nice. Little did she know…;)

It was not an easy decision to crop the full zombie and I am still having my doubts and reservations.


Stare into the Sun – extra cool graffiti clip

Looking for an inspiration to write a post today, my wife showed me a new, nifty Google feature: Wonder Wheel…
Typed in illustration, clicked a few times to narrow the results and stumbled upon this cool video. So here – instead of my uninspired ramble, a very inspired bunch of graffiti artist, directed by Jimi Crayon accompanied by very, very decent tune… enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

Werewolf – retake

I made some changes, utilizing the liquify function to get the face angrier and creating a custom bat brush. My wife is not sure about this one, (to put it lightly) and asked “what is that?” referring to the bats (doh). My heart kinda sank…


Infectious zombie design

zombieIt’s getting there. I am working on quite a large scale because at this moment I find it impossible to say goodbye to any part of the zombie. The final version will most likely be cropped down to the face… I’ve now got some rendering to do but I really like how it’s coming along… Deadline soon..

Zombie Dance – iphone skin designs draft

Yes, what is says in the title.  It’s a design I am planning to get stuck in this weekend. The theme is ZombiesVsVampires and it’s a contest on infectious.com that I am going to win… or not.

This here is a cropped version of the whole piece. I drew the linework with black pen and white posca then scanned it and threw in some colors last nite to try and work out the color scheme. This looks quite good to me. Stay tuned for the final, zombie lovers…


Were is that wolf goin’? Photoshop sketch

I did not have anything Valentine-y to update the blog with for today’s highly commercialized lover’s feast. What I did have was hangover from Saturday’s pub crawl with my lovely wife as well as this werewolf sketch I am still finishing (oh no, not another unfinished piece again)…

Since a lot today deals with passion I think putting up a werewolf is at least half-justified…


Concept Tuesday – “Strength” character design


I stopped posting for a while. Not because I stopped drawing and sketching but because regular work overwhelmed me a little, I did not find time to do finish one design but kept throwing myself onto new ones. Much easier to start a new sketch than to spend time on research and study to push the existing one into finished stage, is it not?
So my hard drive, as well as my sketchbook keeps filling up with gigabites and lead (respectively)
Thankfully, some boost came from the Artorder and Concept Tuesday.  Great chance to mingle with the creative folk there as well as to push myself a little. Above is my take on the character according to the brief. To be honest, as I only “woke up”just before the deadline the actual submitted piece was the B&W misery on the left, however I quite like the character and, regardless of it’s success at artOrder, I’ve decided to render it out until I am happy with it, making sure I do all the standard angles and some gear. This is what I’ll be workign on tonite, I hope… you never know with Fridays…


Upgrade your hardware – grim reaper sketch


It might take a while before I will finish this in illustrator as I want to make it almost as dirty and gritty as it looks now using vectors and as long as the trace function does a pretty cool job it just feels a little like cheating, plus I do want to have a little more control over the file at colouring stages.
This one’s in pencil and posca pens  – boy aren’t they just great for us, so used to undo buttons!

I am hoping to put this one on infectious soon.

Taunting battle orc – character concept

I haven’t been posting for ages. Here’s some concept I am working on using both painter and photoshop. I love painter but I am sensing painter doesn’t wanna be buddies with my mac… Need to browse some forums…


Demon on the rise… speedpainting

…sort of. It was going really well until the moment I realized I’d been chipping away on the portal-gauntlet(yes! It’s not a shield) for two hours only to delete that layer and come back to original version. I cannot always help myself. Just love to make pixel smears with that nice textured brush.  Anyways,  I am not going through the feedback stage, checking it at different scales and screens so that next time I’m sitting down to it,  It’ll be a matter of  15 minutes and this demon is ready bring havoc to the world…


Warrior sketch

All the best in new year to ya’ll! May your new years artistic resolution be as strong as mine this year and may they actually last and yield results (i.e. get me into the industry;) )

While away from the computer over Christmas I have been enjoying some pencil and paper action and it felt great. Now my computer is within the reach and I have become overly careful again…

I am working on this poster style illustration showing a masked dude with a sword and some curious faces hovering above and decided to finish the sketch traditionally but simply couldn’t refrain from doing a quick check in terms of the composition and shading…

Aaah! back in the comfortable chair of layers in a world of multiple undos…

…must… turn… back… must… ditch…digitaaaaaaaaarghhh…!

erm, that’ll be it for now.



P.S. The shading is done with a mouse, that’s why it’s so wonky (awww the insecurity – it’s so last year, isn’t it?;)

Mary, erm.. Merry Christmas, everyone

This was meant to be done for the online ArtOrder challenge, but I am afraid I was a little too late and too far off the general theme and direction… pretty much as this santa seems to be;)( Bloody children, what have they been putting into santa’s cookies, eh?) Either way – I only just managed to put some colours onto the sketch so there… another e-card, next time I will actualy print my xmass cards and send them to friends. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! Cheers!

merrychristmas, rasta santa

Dungeon Delve Challenge – the big final

…and with 121 entries(!), you’ll agree it is BIG! Here’s mine. Great learning experience and fun. I just realized with this one… At the age of 32 I am getting seriously close to be able to paint fantasy characters from my childhood myself! I find that rather cool! I’d better keep at it until that child is still in me…


Oh, and if you’re into this type of stuff – go to artorder blog to see other entries or straight to artorder community, where good people hang out… Cheers!

Dungeon Delve Challenge some more WiP

I think I am pulling it together slowly but surely. Id prefer quickly rather than slowly coz the deadline is looming. And I mean: LOOMING!

Dungeon Delve Challenge - WiP

Dungeon Delve WiP – rough colours

I should have predicted my schedule is going to be really tight in the run up to christmas… I had some time last night to make some decisions on where I am going with the background of the piece, apply some rough colours and last, but not least to bounce it off my, so far, favorite community  of artistic folk at ArtOrder. Priceless.


It is a pretty good feeling to be brushing one’s virtual shoulders with real craftsmen and craftswomen(not sure if this is PC but who cares) in the field. Thanks Lindsey! In case you were wondering, here’s some of Lindsey Messecar‘s stuff. Do check it out…


Gorillaz Character Design Competition – third time’s the charm…

…in fact, I hope it doesn’t and here but it would be nice if my nasty skateboarder made it into the semi. Really nice… So if you’d like to vote for my character design you can see the process and click here. Cheers!


Concept sketch – demon knight

Sat down to warm up before my 3rd entry to the gorillaz character design challenge and came up with this. Can’t really say it gave me any clue for the gorillaz character or practice in handling the unwieldy online brushes on their website but I quite like how it came out after slapping some colour on…  Will get back to this. In the meantime – do vote for my gorillaz character design, you random reader, you.

Gorillaz Evangelist Character Competition: Week 2 drawing

Sadly, my previous, Rasta-big lebowski type of character didn’t get enough love to make it through to the semifinal of Gorillaz Evangelist Character design concept. Some good entries in first 12 but I was feeling good about his chances. Seemed like such a nice bloke, that one…

Now the second week of the gorillaz competition has ended and I am proudly presenting my female contender: Bowling Girl. Really hope she’ll strike it rich with the public vote… Pun very much intended;)


To see the process and vote (no pressure, but please do VOTE!;) ) follow this link:

Gorillaz Evangelist Character Competition: Week 2 drawing by DrFillgood.

Gorillaz new Character Design competition


After plenty of freezing and swearing, here’s my submitted and approved entry for week 1 of the Gorillaz Character Design Competition.  I like this (almost) “going back to basics” method with painting using the limited colour palette and predefined brushes that the web-based application offers but I sometimes wish I had at least the colour picker handy or an extra layer, for that matter;)
Random reader – don’t hesitate to leave a comment and crit and if you think you like it: be my guest, watch the, somewhat lengthy, process of creation and, most importantly – GIVE US A VOTE, mate!;)
It’s all here.

Chubby boy – sketch


Some sketching and colouring. Some vividness against cloudy and nippy outside… oh bow whatta gloom.

cheerful clowny… something


Admittedly, I have not spent a lot of time on the Dungeon Delve challenge as planned this weekend. Partly because I wasted many hours trying to paint a new character for Gorillaz “Evangelist” challenge, partly because of my visit to Katzenjammer, a German pub near London Bridge where they serve 1 liter Beers, October-fest style… is it me or they go down as quickly as regular pints?…

anyway. Gorillaz, new character challenge. Design your character, submit it – win and have your character redrawn by not other but great Jamie Hewlett and… included in the gorillaz squad, next to Murdoc, Noodle and the rest of the cartoon crew. How cool is that?!

You can submit your design each of the four consecutive weeks and also redraw it and resubmit it when you feel you could do one better. Mind you, you can only do this during the “drawing” week and if you do, you’ll overwrite your previous design and there’s no coming back… The reason for it is that you cannot use your software of choice – it is all done on Gorillaz page, using their online drawing/painting application.

Four colours at your disposal (no colour picker) and a handfull of custom brushes. All really handy and smooth when it comes to painting but… freezes. It froze on me good few times, and the only way to get drawing again is to reset and start anew… A little bit frustrating, must say. Only way to “save” the progress was for me to keep submitting, each time I’d something to the mix. As the first drawing week is almost done and I only started this weekend, I treat this attempt as a warm up, hoping that my initial design will at least get accepted…

The doodle above is not my submission, btw…

Dungeon Challenge – more sketches


Another take on the subject.  I am starting to think that more claustrophobic atmosphere is called for. I wanted to practice space and depth of perspective at interesting angles but I might be loosing the “behind enemy lines” feel to the character… He would not be waving  his lantern about so freely if he knew he there’s danger. Yet, according to description, he needs to be “thrusting the lantern”… something’s gotta give…

Dungeon Delve Challenge – concept sketches


The heat is well and truly on half way through the Work In Progress stage in the recent challenge from the ArtOrder community.
Dungeon Delve is the theme and it’s all about helpless adventurer being lost in the dungeon with undescribable dangers lurking in the darkness his sword broken and useless and his pants full of fearful anticipation…
The quality of the sketches from artist taking part makes one feel quite like the dude described above but at the same time, that same quality pushes one to raise the bar a notch or two.
I will not even touch on the subject of the winner’s prize – all I will say it’s the “dog’s you know what…”

Here are my first drafts and here is where the rest of the heavy talented folks at ArtOrder struts their stuff and where you can find out some more about the challenge…

Bleaching Tees – lizzard style

I have just applied some more bleach to my Halloween t-shirt from the previous post and while that is drying I would like to share a short illustrated example of what me and my rubber fake dinosaur toy (no euphemisms here) did to yet another old t-shirt. This was all before I started the main t-shirt project and all I was after here was to test the power of bleach on fabric.

Here’s the Lizzard in question, all cleaned up, resting and really pissed off:


Here’s the same lizard doing his part time gig as a stencil…


Working hard – coz he revels in creative process:


After doing a couple of rounds, moving lizard from one place to another at random and bleach shooting, flipping the t-shirt and shooting some more,  Lizzard was free.


When bleaching was done, I washed the t-shirt in cold water and hung to dry…  pretty x-rayed, huh?


Once dried, I used yellow POSCA pen to add some yellow eyes to the X-rayed Lizzards.


and the back..


That’s all folks, do try this at home;)

Halloween blues and bleached t-shirt designs…


I said I was going to put pics from my adventure with bleached t-shirt designs and here it is.

Before I start I would like to state that the inspiration for this came from:

1. Jon Schindehette, founder of ArtOrder (http://artorder.ning.com/) community, who came up with this particular challenge and pointed me to:

2. Instructables, where you can learn plenty about creative DIY & recycling

Ok, here are the steps I took. And since I played it safe and arrived at pretty much unexpected results, I would like to really stress the importance of self-initiative…

Tools used: Bottle of bleach, large piece of cardboard to stretch your t-shirt on, scissors, stanley knife (or anything else you’re comfortable cutting the shapes out), paper towels (do come in handy to wipe out the excess of bleach), drawing materials, camera, computer, image editing software (last three – totally optional)

Let’s begin.

1. Take a plain guy in a plain polo-shirt and chop the head off…


2. By means of cutting edge technology, transfer the image into your editing software, doodle the graphic onto the t-shirt. What I did  here  is I created a new layer above the t-shirt layer, set it’s mode to “screen” and roughly painted with brighter colour, then I erased out shapes from it to reveal darker areas. Because I am going to use posca pens at a later stage, I took some liberties marking the highlights and notes onto the design, too…


3. Grab a piece of cardboard, draw your shape and cut it out. I went really easy on the design so again… did not bother that much with the accuracy.


4. Some measures had to be taken and the quality check was called for at one stage…


5. Another look to assure it’s… identical. so NOT.


6. Combine the elements, while taking a chance to show off your wacom…


7. Secure the perimeter (I didn’t and now some of my sheet, that just happened to be drying out in the spare room) smell of bleach…


8. Go trigger happy with your bleach bottle… ( had to cut that scene out…)

9. Admire the results while asking yourself: “Where did I go wrong?”


That is what I thought on  immediate comparison between what was  initially planned and the result  but must say – it has grown on me since. I am still going to try with posca highlights and try to add a logo or type elements but I am now quite taken by the creepiness of this work.

This subject is to be continued… as you can see there’s another t-shirt drying out behind this one on which I tested the power of my bleach, but this is yet another story;)


Lucy Da Wippa – character design sketch


Some line-work and rough shading for a character concept. I am taking part in ArtOrder challenge for T-shirt design, will upload the pics in while. I have been using bleach and stencil  – pretty great stuff – pretty lame unexpected results… I’ll try to put pics up tomorrow.


P.S. Left hand is really off – I just noticed. Will fix it in a sec.

Reluctant orc – sketch

Downloaded a trial version of PS and clickedy-clacked some highlights on this orc with the ol’ mouse. The photo was iphone quality so had to reduce the size quite a bit.

orc - sketch

Not much to look at but wait! Before you wander off let me point you somewhere sensible: A really interesting take on ways to market yourself in the illustration field by Jon Schindehette. Read on, folks!

Some cool tracksuit hero cartoon

I am on holiday, visitin my parents and eating plenty. Not much access to technology(who needs technology when ya mama cooks you up delicious dumplings with lardons?) so sketchpad, iphone lousy snap and Microsoft Paint(oh, dear) have been somehow used to assure (whoever) that I am not only enjoying, that I am not only working my way through piles of pork but also through some lead and paper stock…

tracksuit hero

ALSO! The Log Monster Challenge Judging (see previous post) concluded yesterday. And… here’s what Richard Whitters, Lead Concept Artists, Wizards of the Coast
said about my piece (sorry – gotta brag): “Filip, this is one twisted, creepy, disturbing and nasty concept. To translate that feedback, what I mean is, I freaking love this critter. Great work!”


Log Monster Challenge – the big & ugly final

log-monster-finalHere it is. Wish I had more time to colour the beast properly and add creepy crawlies lounging about. I still might. I love these challenges. They make me push so much more, knowing that there’s a whole bunch of really talented artists looking at your pieces. You really don’t want your art to appear dead and wooden… With some exceptions…

EDIT: Breaking News(for me)! In the judging, my log got the first runner up right after the awesome piece by Bruno Balixa and before the second runner rup, equally cool Wesley Eldridge. Such a highlight. I guess I can do creepy, then!

Here’s a link to the artorder post with judging by Richard Whitters, Lead Concept Artists, Wizards of the Coast…

Log monster challenge

log-monster-stagesPutting finishing touches on my “Log Monster challenge” submission for the ArtOrder challenge. before the deadline bell rings… I am liking it. I like teeth. Which might be why I’ve installed two different sets of it in the most recent one. Hope I’ll be able to get to the color stage tonight…

Character Design – sketch to vector


Just some fun with a rhino-like creature running awkwardly… Sketch traced in photoshop and then shamelessly auto-traced in illustrator. I really like how some of the strokes turned out but some are just too obviously unprofessional. I will hand trace it, when time allows. Tonight it’s the figure drawing at in Portobello. Great exercise and different type of creature, I think…

Trouble in Paradise – final

Trouble in Paradise

Seemingly nothing changed but lookie-lookie – added nice signature at the bottom. Decided not to overwork it, so just made small touches and off it goes. I am 70% happy with it, maybe I’ll like it more when I take a break from it. Anyhow, here it is. Cheers.

Trouble in Paradise – colours added


The (not yet) finished piece. Just working on the final touches. More gore and more shine. Going to figure drawing classes tomorrow in Portobelo. So looking forward to brush up on traditional drawing…

Gotta have a hook – final

hmm… it looks like I didn’t read the instruction properly… silly boy.  To partake in the challenge one had to go through the phases:

  • Thumbnails
  • Detailed Sketch
  • Final

Me, I jumped right onto the last part, slipped in my coloured sketch into the queue and… then I read the full challenge info…

Still. Once you said “a”…  this is the final piece.


Gotta have a hook – take 2

Getting there… It hasn’t changed as much since the last version but I now have a better idea where to go with it.

A lot of stuff is still off here but so are my eyes at the minute. I will try to avoid distractions on Friday and I should be all set to finish this off by Saturday. Great fun and some really art going on at the ArtOrder at the minute! Worth checking out! … If you’re into it…


Gotta have a hook Challenge – sketch

I’ve just finished Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis. What an amazing source of inspiration – I feel like reading it again! I will definitely be coming back to chapters of it as I go as the amount of practical knowledge covered there matches the sheer volume of the spirituARTual lift a erm… young artist like me can expect from the master. I will put up some of Andrew Loomis’s pieces in a later posts…

For now there’s challenge on my mind. Set up by the Great ArtOrder community guru (and Senior Art Director Dungeons & Dragons® Wizards of the Coast) Jon Schindehette.

For those interested: details can be found here. This is my colour sketch and I am planning to meet the 8th August DEADLINE.


and yes, I am taking redoing the whole thing into consideration…;)

Mourning space-trooper – concept

Speedpainting in Photoshop. Around two hours including making a ham sandwich so I guess it can pass as a speedpaint…

I tried to use opaque brushes for most of it. I like them opaque now.


Pretty cool twitter icon

One more to my downloadable (not yet) twitter birds collection.  I will try to upload it tomorrow. I am working on a EPS file so you folks can edit it as the crack doesn’t read so well on the black background. Otherwise it’s almost ready to go. crack-twitter

Kratos Linework – finishing touches, punches and headbutts

Almost done! My Cartoon-Kratos t-shirt is this(index finger and thumb almost touching) close from finish. I’ve been slaving away with the good old Stabilo, skipping my sleeping hours to make sure this is perfect and now it’s paying off!

I have now scanned it back into photoshop and will be erasing all the dirt and stray dots – a part of the job I would not mind outsourcing…

Just kidding, it’s cool – I love cleaning up – don’t send me emails with outsorcing services you outsourcing companies out there…Kratos - cartoon

Booty Vector… summer’s here

Finally, I am outside and sweating wearing just a t-shirt(…and pants)! Disgusting, I know – that’s why I have something to balance it out!

Coming at ya like an ice-cream van*, 12 stones of delicious summer boothay!…;)

Look around folks – summer’s here;)

big booty vector


*that bit influenced by the awesome Julian Barrat from The Mighty Boosh…

robo concept – sketch and some colours

Aaaah, at last found a moment for a quick update! I am sometimes forgetting what is all the fun about with having a sketchbook blog and this affects my regularity (not sure if this is a word but it’s a quick update so I’ll look it up later). This here is a result of 10 minutes furious sketching on my lunch brake and about 25 minutes furious chopping away with photoshop’s semi hard round…

I got inspired by this guy here, Mr. Mike Monroe and his Drawing in Circles sketchblog – Bunch of really cool sketches, bold brushes, bold colours – short and sweet – check it out.

mecha soldier concept

chica – doodle colourized

Not much time for updates recently as I am taking on finishing off images I’ve had pilling up in the backburner for months now. I am not confident enough to put stuff as W.I.P as the progress route of a piece takes so many turns that even I get confused let alone whoever would like to follow what’s going on.  I am getting there, though.  The moment is near when I will be able to tell what happened there and why…

For now, let me just put up this doodle of a cute little chica… and wish all y’all a good weekend. And whoever’s UK based – a little extra sun.

chiquita sketch

Kratos Cartoon – sketch cleaned up

I am making me a Krat0s cartoon t-shirt. I have decided not to take this sketch into digital realm until it leaves no space for guessing when it comes to linework. I’ve redrawn it a couple of times already, even emploing the ancient light-tracer bought in the charity shop, thus saving it from being chucked away by my wife.

God (of War)!, it’s hard work to precision-cross hatch like the best of them… someone’s gotta do it, though;)


Just played God of War III

Oh, momma! Hack’n’slash taken to a new exquisite level! This game is beautiful! I could resist downloading a demo from the PS store as much as I could resist brutalizing every by-passing innocent civilian (that’s in-game reality) and getting points for that, too! – Madness. In HD quality. Kratos doesn’t looks angry anymore in this installment – he looks possessed, truly mad.

I sat down to computer to do some work but instead, this came out in a speedy type of manner. I will work on it later. Or not. Or I will play the demo again…


t-shirt design

As PR-esent for my father-in-law. The wording is an insight joke. I don’t think anyone actually says “absolutne spoko” except for that one guy that I met once and at the bus stop, nicked this catch-phrase from and sold it to my F-I-L. He loved it, so he loves skiing and, apparently, the t-shirt.

I must get a hold of a good t-shirt screen printing company.

This one here did not, in fact print as well as expected.


Giant Samurai – “storyteller” sketch

I did this sketch this morning on the tube. I really like it. It makes me wanna come up with the story for this big guy.  By the way – what an interesting effect just by using cutout filter in photoshop! Even at the default settings the filter changed the sketch into an almost finished stylyzed illustration. Brilliant. I think I am a bit over-excited about this one… it’s just a sketch;)


Tascock – update

There are so many things at the moment (the most urgent being finding a roof over our heads) that take my spare time. This is yet another update to my mutation nation fixation(I know, I know, long gone) and an update to my earlier ball-pen “tascock” cartoon. This one is going to be more serious and messed up as this creature is only designed to be messy and fussy – more about that later. Just scanned it and put some rough colours in photoshop: layer with base colour at the bottom, sketch layer in multiply, base creature colour layer above it in the overlay mode. What’s that? You knew that already?… Well, you have all the tools to start then.


Mutation Nation – the afterthought sketch.

Mutation Nation – the afterthought sketch.

I did not go to Southwark’s Nando’s last night to attend the Sketch Jam gig. Had to go and see the flat in the evening. As I had a moment before the viewing I went to Jumbucks, the Aussie Pie place and had a sketch-jam on my own. A sketch-gravy, more like… And this fat pie eating beast is the result.

Since I have become infected with the idea of the mutation nation (don’t care if it’s over or not) my mind is now subconsciously producing mutant concepts. This is Rheetle (rhino and beetle combination) with certain amount of bipedal in the mix.

I now think the “horns” on its arms should point in the different direction but the familiarity with the rhino came to me afterward. Anyway, an interesting concept to build upon.

In the meantime – it looks like the mutation-nation challenge took an entry-overload and the images are still not there to show. I have been following the progress on the ArtOrder network while on my holiday and trust me – it will be worth the wait. Loads of fine artists took part.

P.S. The flat was taken before I managed to see it…

rheetle - sketch - character design

Difficult marriage – sketch

Damn! I am not going to the Sketch Jam tonight. Finding the place to live is a priority. This sketch is rough and unrelated but I like the idea so I am posting it. I have gone through my sketchbooks pile last night – some nice ideas I forgot about there. I hope for some more working room in the new place…


Travel Safe in Thailand – avoid night buses, sketch

Night buss thailand

There is an interesting paragraph in the Rough Guide to Thailand warning tourist from trying to travel at night as the road is then ruled by ruthless, oblivious road rules and mostly high-on-amphetamine truck and bus drivers.

Inspired by this and completely not by my own impression of this beautiful country (although a tuk tuk ride in Bangkok and sight of motobikers there tells this might be true) this is my soon to be t-shirt design.

In the meantime – did you hear about the Sketch Jam? Something’s really cool is cooking at Southwarks Nando’s and if I am not viewing houses (yes, I need to find somewhere to live from 1st May) I would love to come!

It’s organized by Opus Artz guys. I am, shamefully, not familiar with them yet so need to do some reading. Check those guys out here

Punisher style sketch – original

Must admit – the previous post image looks horrendous. Here is the original sketch. Next stop. the iphone version with colours applied (still working between the photoshop lite and sketchbook mobile)

punisher style sketch

Punisher style sketch – photoshop mobile

My wife said she couldn’t make out what was going on here so let me explain: A spandex doning antihero(somehow it feels like it) gunned down a lorry driver consequently relieving him of being in charge of the steering wheel and the truck is now flipped and approaching our shooter in a highly uncontrollable manner. Fast. There, see it now?;)
I sketched it the normal way, then took a photo with an iphone and put it through the ps mobile application which I think is a really cool little app to combine with other painting apps on iphone, once you get over the fact of itself not having any kind of brushes system installed.
So, anyway – (too much of) contrast, sharpen and sketch filters were applied followed by crop command to bring you this comic panel style bit of action straight from the beach hammock in Thailand.

Viking Resort on Koh Phi Phi

So I’m still in Thailand, currently on the Koh Phi Phi island. After intense exploration of thailand via Bangkok, Surat Thani, Khao Sok and Krabi we( me and Madzius) have now entered the chillout phase, I am actually writing it lying on the hammock;) Anyways, as said we’re staying on the Kho Phi Phi at the Viking Resort hence the sketch… This is about the first time I managed to find time to pull out my sketchpad – there’s just too much to see here so I’ve been restorting to feeding my eyes and my imagination so far. By the way – Do Not take paddy ereasers when backpacking in warm countries, or at least keep them separated from the pencils. It’s now all over the place.

EDIT: And as I sat in front of  ‘normal’ computer, I realized how poor the quality of the iphone generated pics is. I will correct that once I get behind my scanner. This will have to do for now.

Kratos look-a-like – iPhone sketch

I have abandoned my site a little recently and it looks like the silence will stretch, since tonight I am off to Thailand. Cannot say I am  feeling extremely guilty about this;) Anyway, just before I go, which is in few hours I wanted to upload my recent iphone sketch inspired by the GOD OF WAR character, the almighty Kratos, probably the coolest badass in the world of computer games (to me, at least). Plenty of zooming in and using 1px brush on the face but this tediousness is actually quite a relaxing exercise. The face is more like one of a giant than actual Kratos and it’s missing the trademarked red tattoo but I am working on it – by the time I land in KL it should be ready.

I have recently uploaded photoshop application and I am now trying to work out how to cleverly add color to a B&W sketch working between the apps. I have worked it out, actually and will try to write about this some other time.

Anyways, see ya and speak soon

Kratos - iPhone sketchbook

DeviantWear battle – T-shirt designs take 2 and 3

I have just submitted two new design for the DeviantArt contest. In fact, it is one but with with some extra vector chaos added to one of them so I guess it’s fair to submit two (I will only win once, I know…).


if you’d like to fave it – go ahead and click here


If you would like to favor this one it can be done here

There is no pressure. Just gentle persuasion…;) If you happened to look at them – I would love the feedback.


Deviantart design contest – tee design by adobemagic

Here’s a t-shirt design knocked up for the Deviantart contest. Ain’t it cute? Created in illustrator and kept to six colours. If any of you folks would like to see it win or at least make it into semifinal all you have to do is give is some love here

Deviantart contest Tshirt design

Sci Fi Polar Beast – iPhone Brushes


I did not make it time for the mutation-nation. Sometimes I don’t have control over what life brings around and this time it was more clients work. I am put here this developing concept for a mutated polar beast, or just polar beast. Too early to say whether it’s mutated. It looks kind of cool, though. I like the oblong shape of it. I guess it could have rocket launcher mechanism assembled to its back and as that, be used to protect a secret polar base. whoo-hoo!

Mutated Crab Cake – iPhone Brushes

character concept

Back to iPhone smearing. I have got so much going on at the minute that if  make the deadline for the “mutation nation” contest – it will be a success on its own. I know I am going for something with claws… that’s pretty much it. I like the sketch, though and if not now – I will use it oneday.

Just as I was becoming a Sketchbook mobile convert, the Brushes poked it’s head out with its somehow quicker and more responsive interface.  It’s a good thing I don’t have to make up my mind.

Posca-Pens – pigs in trouble.

piglets sketched with posca markers

We went to a great place yesterday. Bodeans in Soho – the best BBQ ribs in London, apparently. I’ve not had much experience with London’s BBQ joints but it was really close to Carnivore’s Heaven, by my standards. I am sure I’ll be back there pretty soon.

So this morning I did this porca, I mean Posca-Pens sketch of fat baby piglets (whose ribs we had for lunch yesterday) surrounded by the BBQ sauce. I have got to buy more of those. Pens, not ribs.

These are by far one of the best drawing/doodling tools I have laid my hands on. The paint from Posca markers is completely opaque which means you can paint with lighter color over any dark areas color and it you’ll get results. It’s almost like having an undo button in traditional media. No line or shape is final. The stuff dries very fast so you can come back and make corrections as many times as you like (subject to material you’re drawing on) and add highlights at the very end not worrying about it in the initial stage. You can obviously see smudging on this particular drawing but it’s because I did it very quickly. Otherwise, if you give it a few minutes to properly set – there’s no stopping you. I understand my posca-pigs might not convince you but look here, at art by Mr. jontofski on flickr and tell me I am wrong when I say these are the ultimate doodling tools!

ImagineFX – issue No55 has arrived

Two books came in today.

Latest issue of ImagineFX and ‘The Rough Guide to Thailand’. We’re off in 20 days and still haven’t book anywhere to stay and the trip plan itself is still, well – rough to say the least, so I guess I will do some reading of the latter tonight and take the magazine to work tomorrow.  Some cool artwork here by the looks of it!!


Creature Design – Proud as a “Tascock”


Presenting the first contestant to the Mutation Nation challenge on ArtOrder. A cross between a Tarsier and a Peacock. I did this sketch this morning on the tube and coloured it quickly with some custom brushes during the lunch-break.

It’s an idea to explore – matching something that’s generally accepted as symbol of beauty (or was it vanity?) with creature that found its place on a list of 10 Ugliest Animals which I think is both wrong and cruel taking the fact this little fella belongs to endangered category(talking about adding insult to injury).

Eventually, I will probably go with something bigger, crazier, with bigger claws, teeth and preferably a gunner turret in place of the head.  We’ll see…

Friday night – some go bananas, some are into monkey business

Monkey sketch with splatter brushes

Friday monkey project. I was just going to put a plain sketch up as I only had 10 minutes to do this update when I realised there’s so many quick ways to spruce the monkey up with a little help of a friend.

Three sets of levely splatter and watercolour brushes downloaded from brushking.eu gave it a much better, Friday vibe.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS. It is meant to be brushking.eu, not net. I will correct that later, promise.

Killer Whale attacks and kills its trainer.


I feel really bad for the poor Ms Brancheau, the trainer at SeaWorld Orlando who fell victim to ‘Tilly’ a big killer whale, attraction of the Florida’s amusement park, yet one has to wonder: how a whale, who already had a “history of violence” can still be considered fit for these kinds of shows?

In fact, how these shows still be so popular?

It is fairly common knowledge that life in captivity, in small basins does harm to those animals used to travel dozens of miles on daily basis. In addition they have a highly developed sense of hearing which must be making them extremely sensitive and (affected by) to noise and chaos in the amusement parks like the one in Orlando.

Stressed out beyond imagination, depressed, is it really so difficult to understand why a big Tillikum, a predator in its natural state, lost it? He is, after all a Killer Whale, for gods sake!  Should we, perhaps, wake up to this?

I have recently watched a movie The Cove exposing a gruesome instance of animal abuse (in this case, dolphins and porpoises). And it has quite disturbed me and opened my eyes to the fate we humans are cooking up of those poor creatures by sheer greed and ignorance…

As little power as I have over that, I say – boycott these shows, don’t include them in your schedule while on holidays. I am glad I did last time I had the chance and I know I will never go to one of these.

///…I sketched this quickly on my way to work – no references, so excuse it does not quite resemble the actual killer whale…///

Orcs – character design sketch

Some character design sketches. Judging by what’s on the news recently the theme lines up nicely with approaching elections, too…  It is not always that I manage to catch up with current events so, yeah! How about that!?;)

Speaking of character design, there is a really cool challenge going on on the art order. The theme is Mutation Nation. I am taking part. It should be fun. I am planning to do some research tonight.  Get sketching.

raging orcs

Chubby boy – sketch

Gluttony – I just learned this word looking for keywords for this image. I cannot stop thinking about food and it shows in my recent sketches. It has got a therapeutic effect. Not. I want my Ben&Jerry’s. NOW!


Falla meh, I know where this is going…

Follow the blind bird

Some vector fun, based on a sketch I did a while ago. It could probably be useful for an article on how to utilize your twitter followers. I am no writer, so I am just going to stop here.


Happy National Fish’n’Chips Day!

Yup, you Cods and Haddocks gonna get it today while we’re all stuffing our faces with the Great Battered British Treasure. I am not british but I know I will…



My little lovely SEO specialist – sketch

A cartoon-tribute to my lovely Wife and her great analitical mind that scares me sometimes…;)


Baby don’t cry… sketch.

Sheepishly introducing a small sketch-update. I am putting some time to develop my flash skill so had to abandon the blog for a while. I’ll be back with some new sh…t, promise.  Cheers,


Mi crasha su casa – iPhone sketchbook


Done in Sketchbook on iPhone. I am going for a Bobby Chiu feel with this one. Whether I will succeed, I am not sure as the guy is a genius when it comes to ‘cute’n’crazy’.
Let this at least be a tribute to him and his art.
One of the most art-driven people I have come across.

Here is the link to his imaginism studios , also, check out the chiustream.

Pencil to digital ink – ugly bunch

Testing two approches to turn sketches into clean linework. The froggy thing is taking a vector treatment in illustrator while the zombie-hunters are traced in Painter. Will post results and comments and impressions as I go… or when I am done, more like.


Virtual IT Studio – web layout design.

texture web layout design - virtual it studio

I have just  finished the layout design commissioned by Virtual IT Studio – offshore outsourcing company. Really pushed for time on this one. Had to finish it in a very short time, basically – two evenings and that included the business cards, too.

I had to, well, outsource graphics to make stuff work.

Free downloadable icons sets – I just can’t stop loving you:

And the credits go to:

Designer Folio for set of lovely icons,

Icon Eden for the twitter bird icon, courtessy of www.smashingmagazine.com (or the other way around), that just happened to beat my own designs in this particular case (you just wait, you…)

and last, but not least to  for another set of lovely letter pressed icons by the team from creative nerds

Thank you guys! Great work.

iPainted: One ugly bruiser in Brushes app.

Iphone Brushes Painting

This is Brushes – not the dude! – the application it was done in.  The canvas really is small compared to what Sketchbook gives you. Still – It’s great fun to use and has a massive zoom so any detailing possible. I quite like how parts of his sweater looks. It is sweater right? Well – it is for me.

iPainted a creepy little girl – sketchbook application


Loving the Sketchbook app for iphone. I am trying both Brushes and the Autodesk’s Sketchbook and so far, must say – Sketchbook has the edge. Zooming, detailing, customization of the brushes, canvas size after transporting to photoshop (320 X 480 px for Brushes vs 682 x 1024 for Sketchbook) and many more make it a brilliant little tool for experimenting with ideas in colour when you’re on the move. This little creep has been done entirely in iPhone with only the type pasted in.

Check the video:

Of course, Brushes is great and I’ll keep using it. It has quite a variety of cool brushes, also works with layers, starts up faster than Sketchbook and somehow manages to feel more organic – kinda like  Painter compared to Photoshop. I like it all the more since I discovered that double-tap in the right hand corner activates the brush size options.

I’ve purposely placed both app icons close to one another so that whichever I accidentally tap on – becomes my tool of the hour.

Super-Tramp – carry on


Super-Tramp sketch

Yup, a Supertramp, nothing to add not much to take away. This is what happens when you overdo with Kryptonite. Or Ben&Jerrys.

Super Tramp sketch


A quick concept sketch expanding on the previous single image of drunken-bot from a previous post. The scene now starts to take some shape and going somewhere.


Sometimes it’s right to leave a sketch in the pad for a few days, give it some time to “mature” until it’s ready to be dealt with:) Also as you carry your pad with you, the pages naturally brush one against another smudging the lines and fading them slightly so after coming back and adding new strokes, you often end up with richer and more defined version as well as a chance of your eye to pick up on that unintentional rendering and come up with some new ideas…

So carry your sketchbook everywhere and it might just do some magic for you, folks:) In the worst case scenario – you’ll have to draw stuff yourself…:)

Playing with iPhone’s Brushes

iphone's brushes paintingYup, that’s exactly it. I am trying to find some time to compare Autodesk’s Sketchbook and the Brushes and so far, it’s a draw for me. This one’s done in brushes. It’s so much fun! Really like the custom brushes available here.

Why I don’t like umbrellas…

London’s weather forecast for Saturday – Heavy Rain. Beware innocent pedestrians not to fall victim of the Umbrella People! It’s not that they don’t care when the pluck your eye out – they just don’t notice!

Deadly Umbrella

I know it’s a quickie alright, but, man! – sometimes i just cannot draw properly…

Cheers and good weekend everyone.

I am off to see The Avatar tonight!

Retro Twitter, anyone?

Well, not anyone, I guess, as this is yet another cricket twitter that might not suit everyone. It’s from an old sketch that I particularly liked and I vectorized it all using illustrator tools and filters rather than freehand which I normally prefer. Tomorrow I am putting it up here as download so If you fancy it on your cricket website, cricket blog or anything else CRICKET (enough keywords there…) come back tomorrow when the store re-opens as the rest of the evening I am going to spend with my lovely wife who is peeking over my shoulder as we speak:)))

Thanks for visiting and good night:)


A couple of hot chiqas to distract…

…from the previous failed post.

Basically, this is what you get when you don’t read community guidelines. Here I am going through mundane process of creating a “how to cheat” tutorial while all you need to do is simply download the templates from the infectious.com and do it properly.

Apologies for that.

How about a coloured sketch that was originally meant to be used for the “Santa and his ho ho ho’s postcard” I was too busy to do it on time.


Pimping your iPhone skin submissions.

Here is a quick tip for those of you, who submit their designs and artwork to websites like threadless.com and infectious.com to enter the contest where the winner gets some extra dough or gets his/hers designs printed on t-shirts, decals, laptops and mobile phone skins.


This is also a great way of, hopefully, getting a slight advantage over designs that are just loaded up as plain square images where there might be some flaws in the artwork in the areas that won’t show anyway when printed yet will affect the score and feedback you get from your submission.

Fitness sketches – wrist workout

Keep exploring different cartoony styles for my vectors (and myself). This is the fitness collection I started on the train today ( trust me, I had plenty of time – severe delays on Piccadilly, anynone? ). I kind of fancy it as my own style, a cross between This Life cartoons by the great Rick Brooks and The Mumins‘ author and illustrator, Tove Jansson.


Getting the iPhone – hello smeary finger!

I won the battle with certain mobile network! My upgrade was due and I had been really looking forward to iPhone to use it with the new Autodesk’s Sketchbook app.

I should, normally, get the older 3G (8G) but since they I had a few aces up my sleeve I ended up with the reconditioned 3GS (32G) without paying an extra penny!!!


Now, this old sketch doesn’t make much sense in the context but I must say – this is kind of how I felt after 40 minute battle over the phone;)

I didn’t know I could haggle like this! Feeling a little bit bad about this but then – no rudeness was at play so I guess it’s fine and no hard feelings;)

Sheep and babies… vector icon designs

Following one of my NY resolutions to create vectors for photo-stock websites I am currently covering my pad with mini thumbnails on the quest to create the ultimately sweet and loveable set of icons that will make me rich and famous. So far, slight discouragement…  Sheep, and children wearing suits…

web icon sketches

Dark Lord, (Christmas sketches continued)

My favorite cousin bought me The GOON by Eric Powell. Great Stuff – shouts out to Big Pablo;)). I had a copy once but I think I lost it. Really my kind of style as far as muscled villains go. This sketch was done immediately after reading it.

Dark Lord - sketch

Also, inspired by the comic I have started “inking” my old sketches using Corel Painter. Have to say – initially, a very mundane process!!! It’s all I have been doing the whole Sunday afternoon! After first two hours the sketch looked so crap I wanted to give up but decided to soldier on and I’m quite happy now. Still, nowhere near completion so I won’t show it but I am getting faster and faster.


New Year Resolutions…

New years resolution

How was Christmas Time for Everyone? Great, I hope. I went back to Poland to visit mine and my wife’s family… During the 10 days of my stay, I don’t think I lasted more than 15 minutes without munching on something. Love you both mama 1 and mama 2!:) This year’s resolution are :

  • one finished illustration per week
  • writing tutorials
  • save money
  • quit smoking (I don’t so this on is just to make me feel better in case I fail with the others)

Happy New Year to everyone!

Ultra Twitter – sketch to vector – proces stage.

Another downloadable twitter icon coming soon;) In the pic: sketch, illustrator’s “strokework (provided the word exists)”, and a color mock –up that will not hold in the final version. I am focusing on vectors for the moment and working on interesting illustrator techniques since I am afraid creating tutorials is very likely to become my new years resolution…


Big Trouble in Little China – mutant version


A concept sketch from my pad. The illustration is in the making and it actually developed slightly into different direction (plus I corrected the anatomy issues;) ). I have been neglecting the daily doodle category for some time thinking that I should strive to deliver high quality only but what’s more enjoyable than sharing initial sketches? As far as art goes and In my opinion – not much:)


Festive Robbo sketch

drunken robo sketch

I bought me a great book. “50 Robots to Draw and Paint” by Keith Thompson, the guy responsible (amongst many others) for gritty & uber cool artwork of  The Borderlands game . This quick sketch (highlights in PS) is inspired by the lecture and the festive season of binge drinking on the approach;)


Bangkok Killers – Logo Design


bk-killaz-logoI am on a logo design streak recently… Soon after the vector griffin for RAKWEAR flew to its new owner I got a commission by The Bangkok Killers DJ GROUP to do a logo for their project that is going to land in the primary city of Thailand next year.

I have just finished vectorizing it this morning so I don’t think they have updated the image on the website yet. The coloured version is just the variation that might be used later on for marketing. Otherwise it’ll be kept simple and beautiful in grayscale for small scale for printing on leaflets and ads.

I really struggled not to go over the top with textures and marks but managed to refrain from doing so knowing there will be a chance to do so as the project develops…

Griffin logo design

Griffin logo concept design

I have just finished working on the logo concept for RAK WEAR – US based company.  The brief was to come up with an original take on the widely used and popular griffin (or gryphon) symbol. This was actually a collab between me and VAD_NS a crazy tallented t-shirt designer and illustrator whom I have got in touch via flickr. My input was to do the big old lion-bird thing while he’s currently whipping out (all that cool language I am using! Wee-hay!) some mean designs for t-shirts and working on the font for the RAK WEAR logo.


I was just recently asked to create and alternative version of the logo.

I really shouldn’t be doing this and diverting you from my doodling but, hell – do check his stuff if you are into some really cool tee designs like the one below:

vad-ns - quicksilver tee design

Marek Okon

Here is another artist I really look up to. I am all the more proud because this extremely skilled gentleman is from Poland, too. His gallery full of awesomely rendered images including artwork for the likes of Sony Online Entertainment and Games Workshop, various tutorials for digital art related magazines and yet he is still seems so humble about it it’s truly unbearable! Look up his stunning gallery, folks, find his tutorials full of unbelievable amount expertise in approaching each piece and give him more reasons to keep it up.


Liam Sharp

I am going to start a new thing here, thanks to deviantart technology. I just happened to stumble upon portfolio of Liam Sharp on deviantart website. I am a big fan of this guy since an article in ImagineFX where he walks through creating a tribute piece to Frank Frazetta on the Big Master’s birthday (to be seen in the preview below – Aw! – and then some!).
I, obviously, appreciate Mr Sharp for awesome art he delivers but also very much for his no-nonsense, “traditional” approach to digital tools. Here’s Mr Liam Sharp – the artist who claims not to be too familiar or bothered with various photoshop filters. For the sake of my own ego – I’d prefer him to keep it that way;) Just kidding! – Go Liam!


Imaginefx issue number 50 has landed

…and I cannot tell anything yet except that is features stunning A2 poster artwork by Andrew Jones(the guy’s a legend) with equally beautiful take on Pepper by Stanley Lau (Pepper’s original creator and one of my top Idols of digital realm) on the reverse. The actual reason I am writing about this so quickly is because – Yup!!! My creatures also made it onto the BIG ISSUE #50 making me very, very proud. I am extremely busy right now so I will come back to the subject of the imagineFX later (looks like it carries a lot of goodies, this one) and for now Imma leave ya’ll with this beautiful screen-grab…

My work on ImagineFX DVD Expose

My work on ImagineFX DVD Expose

The original pieces can be seen here, here and here

Crazy cricketer theme wallpaper

I have turned one of my earlier sketches into a wallpaper for my friends from the cricket social networking site. You can download it there (please, do – If it is popular they might commission me!) I am still not into the game but have it on my desktop at work, cause I like’em evil;)

… At home I like em, sweet and beautiful and I have a cartoony depiction of my Wife:) Did I hear a whip crack!?…

Cricket themed wallpaper

kill bill theme sketch – on the way back

Here’s the previous sketch after a few corrections. Not many as it was incredibly busy on the tube last night hence not enough elbow room. I now need to look for ship references. Just realized the big circle windows are like the 4-year-old’s interpretation of a ship. Just won’t cut it. I have got some lovely rusty metal sheets textures in my collection which will work perfectly for this one. I am afraid it’s going to have to hang like this for a while. It’s brochure day the whole day today and after – oh, the excitement! I have been signed up to illustrate the e-comic book!  Having read the first drafts, character descriptions I can’t wait to put my hands on it! Stay tuned for updates.


kill bill theme sketch – check for early errors

I have just done this sketch getting to work this morning. I then quickly scanned it at low res. to check for errors. I really recommend scanning your sketches at early stages. The ability to flip your image sideways, zoom out so it becomes a mere 20X30px thumbnail is a great way of spotting issues that need fixing at early stage. (With this one – you can tell her right leg is too small compared to the other. It’s because I changed the perspective to include the ship with bunch of samurai marines running to slice her up real bad!)  From there, you can either:

– correct things within your software of preference, using your tool of preference (brush, selection marquee, transformation tools, etc.) and print it out for refinement,
– stay in the software to finish or;
– remember where you went wrong and get back to your sketchpad, as I will do since I do not currently have time for personal and I truly believe that you cannot spend enough time on a sketch.

Happy doodling!


WordPress–car theme template

A wordpress template for a car themed layout designed recently for an auto-trading website. Is this car on the header a real killer or what?! Bang on a cool photo like this and there you go – 50% of the job’s done. I am especially fond of the footer idea with speedometer and tachometer clocks and my very own sport scar’s interior pattern.


Sexy female – sketch

A sketch from last weekends train journey to my friends. I definitely caught a ticket officer’s attention with this one. He would make a longer pause when passing by my seat, he he:)  I have just become twitter-followed by idrawgirls.com. Well, Idrawgirls, too;))
Seriously, though – check that website. So much great professional and in depth advice, free tutorial movies and downloads. It can easily be one of the best artist resources available. I will make sure I check him out before I start rendering the sketch below and my other ladies (sketches). Big-ups to idrawgirls. Just remember who discovered him for ya’ll, ok?…



Birthday Card – show some love!

A joyful day at work today. Not only is it Friday but there is also a good chance to get some free drinks since it is Merv’s Birthday! Given a task to buy a birthday card I decided not to let Clinton’s earn this time and do one myself. I only had an hour, couple of stockphotos and a vague idea of the theme (so not true: Merv the Pe-erv – Merv the Pe-erv! ha ha;) – hey do not look at me – it’s what he said! ) Anyway, did what I could, took it to a print shop, where it took a 30min(don’t ask) and £4 to do it. Not bad for a limited edition highly customized birthday card that your friend is going to enjoy, huh?
Did it sound like bit like advertisement?… Well, only cause it meant to;))

customized greetings card

Cheers, everyone and “Happy Birthday”;)

The follow inside is Merv, by the way – hope he won’t be recognized…

Watch how you drive, you twitt!

As promised, here is another twitter icon for free download, courtesy of your humble. Created in vectors, saved as psd file for some extra editing if needed. Everybody knows photoshop now or has a least one friend that does so there should not be any problems. Each zip folder contains option with rounded rectangle cropped icon and the full car view, which I much prefer. The images are saved in following sizes: 350px, 250px, 128px and really tiny 64px. I try not to force the “follow me/us” wording on the  “downloaders” not to interfere with people’s layouts and style. If you want some extra treatment to suit your specific needs – drop me a line. Enjoy and if you do download it – drop me a thank you line.  It’s a small things that make us feel good sometimes.



Download 64px set

Download 128px set

Download 250px set

Download 350px set

Also – Check my another free “Dude”  twitter icon here

cool-twit-64and my Cricket Twitter icon.Cricket twitter

Postal strike – dude, where’s my parcel??

Inspirational sketching. My Lovely Wife is waiting for her converse(s?) but with the royal mail strike things are not so easy as click buy now – receive tomorrow. Anyway, she happened to have a moan (just a little one) I happened to be out of ideas so here we are. Ahhh, it’s so good to be together – my lovely little muse:)) I will make it into a screensaver for her. Due to nature of the illustration it seems to be a better choice that a desktop, I think. By the way – I heard that yesterdays strike was the last one, so fingers crossed for the new shoes! Or should it be “toes”?  Here is to all of us affected;)


Twitt my ride

I have been recently asked to create car blog themes for wordpress. Following is the car themed driver twitter icon. It is almost ready. When done, I will make it a download. This is created in a non-sketch based manner which is quite new to me. Here’s the preview – check out the shiny ride!


female drawing

Here’s another doodle from my way to work. Inspired by an article in ImagineFX by Warren Louw – a wicked, WICKED artist whom, ashamedly, I never heard of before. Being the Cover Artist for issue 49(check it out – it’s absolutely stunning) Mr Warren shares some insightful thoughts on approaching drawing a female figure, before-the-process consideration, breaking the image down into simple shapes, silhouetting, foreshortening, etc. He makes a really good point that mastering drawing a female leads to mastering drawing of the male but not necessarily the other way around. Anyway, check this guy’s portfolio on deviantart – well worth it. So I quickly sketched it between the stations and left it as it seemed too chunky and nothing of the quality that should’ve been inspired by the article. Next day, I took another look, adjusted a few things and now I like where it’s going. It’s rough, but it has the Frazzetta feel to it which I am going to play on. I haven’t figured out as to the background, dead barbarians, a dragon, yeti…? Stay tuned if you want to find out;)




Yup, only sketches recently. I am busy with some design work so going color with personal stuff is a no no. This one will make a good 

Illo(“illo” – short for illustration – just made it up and it sounds a bit crap), though. This sheriff is about to sling his 6-axis at the bad guys. It could make a playstation promotional piece. Inspired by my own gamepad, a passing memory of a western movie and great art from The Call of Juarez(which I never played at).


messing with the gypsies!

Very loosly based on the Brad Pitt’s character in “Snatch” by G.Richie. I didn’t have it in mind, just it looks more like that than anything else (to my knowledge, that is). I drew it right after it turned out my pieces have not happened in the issue 49 of ImagineFX, so I guess it’s my way to express emotions, mr DVD editor…

…Just kidding…;)


random bunch

Som character designs. Looks like they could make a nice bunch of adventurers. It’s initial stage there will be more added, I think. Or some removed. Or some have their wings chopped off and then removed… happy-bunch-lower

gonna make you pay, sucka!

I like a woman with a gun. This one’s bleeding and you can tell she has lost it, Doesn’t care about the bullets flying around anymore. She is gonna shoot the m…..g last one of them:) I have been busy and have got no broadband at the minute with so only have time to pencil on the tube. Cannot wait to see this one in color, though.


Swine flu poster – finale


The Swine flu poster job is now finished so I am putting it up here. This one is slightly different than the original which doesn’t have my big signature and had to be optimized for B&W printing. It can be downloaded as a package with color desktop/screensaver version at ed-belegal, a company that offers some pretty nifty online software to automate employment processes and procedures for permanent, casual or self employed staff. Worth looking up if your are running a business and want to do it safely…
Ha ha ha! I know how it sounds, but I do not care… it’s my blog so I can hidden advertise as much as I want, ha ha:) I am not taking money for this one so it’s cool anyway.
…Or is it?

Anyway, it really was a lot of fun to design this one. I was really able to push my cartoony style so I guess, I’m kind of gratefull. I have learned to appreciate the commissions like this one.


Sketch to line-art to virus, swine flu poster

Rought sketch to finished Illustration - process

Rought sketch to finished Illustration - process

A swine flu poster design for ED-Belegal.com the finished work (poster and screensaver options) awaits approval).  I quite like it. A lot of fun with the pen tool – it’s really therapeutic, sometimes.

Tattoo designs


Drafts for the tattoo a friend of mine “commissioned” me to design for him. I am only showing these since he didn’t pick any of them:) I naturally stray towards the dark side of the character, so basically, when Krystian wrote “elvish sorcerer” I read “evil elvish sorcerer”. It’s all good. I am just working up a tamed version of the design and may use these as a nice base for a character design in the future.

Art forums – don’t go it alone

I have signed up today to MAX3D Polish 2d and 3d art forum in order to improve the quality of my art by submitting the pieces to some frank and “merciless” critique/feedback from people who are serious about this stuff.

If there is anything I could advise an aspiring artist this is it: Go and look for the forums that are not all about warm welcome and friendly mingling. Do not stick to ones that make you feel safe and comfortable, where, surrounded by your new “forum buddies” you’re starting to get the impression that your work is absolutely “tops”: nothing to change, everything is brilliant, your mates are giving you highest notes (in exchange for yours) always willing to bring up the good points of the image turning blind eye to errors and mistakes.

So why hasn’t SONY called yet?:) Can’t BLIZZARD guys see the email address on your profile?:)

While there’s plenty of reasonable explanations for that, one of them just might be this:
It is likely that your work needs just a little bit more push, your skills need to be “upgraded” and your hand-eye coordination sharpened.
When working/training on your own you sometimes lose distance to your art. You are looking at your piece and you see more than there is actually going on since the image’s background story is mostly still in your head. It’s alive in there, with vibrant colors, textures and convincing proportions and perspective. You need to make sure you get it out of there! If not – at least leave enough clues within the image so that the description you give it later remains secondary to the image, making it “sell” just as good without it.

By all means strive to create art that leaves room for imagination, keeps viewers entertained, anxious and excited (that, in the words of Borat is always a “Great Success!”) but do not make them guess everything! At the end of the day, you had pretty clear idea when you were going with your pic and you do not really want any misinterpretation going on here.

That’s why, to retain that healthy distance, you need to make sure you use other peoples eyes to view your painting throughout the process. Let them spot mistakes for you, suggest a more dramatic light source, color scheme, layout etc before you commit your time and effort to finishing the piece.

Log on to conceptart.org. Set up a new thread in WiP(Work in Progress) section and ask for feedback. You will be surprised how much clearer things can become with a little input from outside your “circle of trust”.

Two things worth remembering:

1) Keep your thick skin on, if you do not have it – grow it! I suggest a good few layers of it. Do not let comments discourage you. Bend but don’t break always aiming to become better when you bounce back with your artwork improved in later stages.

2. Stick to your guns, do not let suggestions turn you away from the initial direction. Consider them but don’t blindly follow if you are not convinced or, if you have a really solid gut feeling that what’s planted in your head is a good idea. Take what you feel “works” from this opportunity but be selective about the received advice.

Having said that, do not expect the “wolves” to jump at you the moment you put your pic on the forum, and start tearing you to pieces (or offering you work in games industry). Be patient. These people are busy (creating art, accidentally) and it might take some time before some worthy advice arrives. It is probably a good practice NOT to use thread titles like plain: “Advice needed” or “Please Advice”. Give away a little more detail, make your thread more appealing by writing something like: “Space Beast Savaging Little Marmaid – advice needed”. Wouldn’t you want to at least take a look at that piece?:)

Another thing – these forums are not THAT unfriendly! More often than not you will simply receive constructive critique that you are after. According to some of my friends, the MAX3D folk can get a little “intimidating” (read: bluntly honest) because political correctness isn’t that big in Poland (yet) which I find extremely convenient and very helpful in realizing the weaker points in my art.

It is also important to go through other peoples posts/threads. You will find that a lot of your problems and questions  already solved and answered. And if you think of anything helpful – by all means leave your comment – if it’s interesting and/or to the point, someone will come back to you. That’s often how you get noticed.

So do not wait, help your skill – it’s free. Make low-res copies of your art as you proceed and post them it only takes a couple of minutes to set up the account and a new thread. Then, simply wait for the wolves to sniff out fresh prey…;)

Enough said, here is an example of my own, a matrix style, gun blazing sketch developed into a full illustration without referencing and taking care of the perspective and proportions at an early stage. Put it simply, I have kept everything to myself way too long. The issues remained unnoticed until the finished piece which now leaves me no other choice than put my love to it back to work and do some serious repainting…

Masked man jumping out of the window in a tall building while shooting from his guns, matrix style illustration

Living the dream – Orc, the Bigboss style

Orc’s idea of a decent bender: Heavy drinking(hobbits blood, of course) a game of “Carnage and Mayhem” and a “village folk” kebab slow- roasted in a wood burning oven err… village on the way back. Loving it.

Painted in Photoshop. With use of free textures from the vyonyx and blood stain created from my own… coffee stain.

Orc - big boss

“These aren’t nuts, silly!…”

I recently received an extremely exciting email from the DVD editor of Imagine FX. They want my work on the DVD FXpose in issue #49! How cool is that?

I found myself with problem of not having enough fantasy and sci-fi themed works to fill in so had to digg in into my work in progress folders on the hard drive to see what could I come up with. Taking to account the regular, day – to day workload I’ve been having to cut down on sleep recently hence I am really happy It’s not my face that is going to be on the DVD,  if you get me…

Anyhow, this is one of the three photoshop painted pieces that the Issue no 49 of the Imagine FX will include on its DVD.

It’s almost finished and from where I stand I need to give a really big thanks to a few guys from the concept art community  for the priceless advise and feedback. Thank you!

Do put your artwork there when you get stuck on concepts, fellow artists!

It really helps to have a little extra input from strangers. Now, this sounded wrong:)  What I meant was, sometimes you’ll get bogged down in detail and forget about obvious things that are there, right in front of you and without fixing these, there’s simply no moving forward, no matter how much time you’ve spent rendering twigs and little veins on those bloody ferns or strands of hair on your critter…

So this one is my impression of a silly vampire blood infected squirrel that simply lost the plot and one day, and had its master – the cute little fairy found out, much to her dismay, that the nasty critter, has took liking in the slightly different types of shells…

Beware, mushroom seekers…

P.S. Buy that Imagine FX before my Mum gets her hands on all of them!

Vampire Squirell

Vampire Squirell

Twitter icon – vectorizing stage 1.

I am trying to do this one with flat colors only. No gradients or transparencies. I might leave some in the background but it’s not final yet.

I tend to get too much into detail so I am doing my best to make this one fairly simple. There is just so many possibilities when using Illustrator – additional offset path here, extra highlight here, some distorting filters etc. Easy to go overly-artistic. This one will be available to download once I am done with it so I keep in mind it will end up fairly small – not much detail necessary.

Anyway, I will make it downloadable once It’s ready and cleaned up, so stay tuned;)



Cool twitter icon

Doodle into brush – free download

I have just scanned and interesting doodle into the photoshop and created a brush that is a lot of fun and also seems pretty good for creating a fancy chain design when spedpainting. I will try it out tonight but I thought I’ll share it, too. It is good to share. Anyway. in the folder there is a high resolution brush as well as one a little lower with setting to create a chain pattern. If you decide to download them, please feel free to modify them yourself to your liking. I personally find the setting with high scattering value really enjoyable as it gives a mass of random scribbles cloud you can cut away to any shape later on. Excuse the previews being so rough but it was done at the end of my lunch-break. If you find it useful, it would be nice to see the results.shapeabstractchain-brush

Click here to download the brush as RAR.file

Click here to download the brush as ZIP.file

Me waiting at the airport – sketch.

I quick sketch of myself on the day my time management failed leaving me waiting at the airport overnight. At the same time I found that being sleepless and exhausted work well for speed of stroke. This one took me around 4 minutes and I even managed to capture my “deep eye shadow”…;) 

Night at gatwick airport

Sketched twitter icons # 10 – hurry up! follow!

Cute, ain’t he? A bit of a begger type, I think…

hurry up! Tweet!

Sketched twitter icons # 9

Concept sketch for the wedding cards company forum. Really, the tweets shoud not be following, I guess…

following tweets

Sketched twitter icons # 8 – cheeky



sketched twitter icons # 7 – will you follow me?

This is from the process of creating a twitter background for wedding card company

wedding twitter

sketched twitter icons # 6- Follow the ashes!

cricket twitter

This one might suit a cricket themed page.

EDIT: you can now see and download the vectorized version of this cricket twitter.

sketched twitter # 5 – mafia tweet

I have already converted this one into vector + photoshop illustration, you can see here Doesn’t he look a little like Fat Rober De Niro? I think I lost the resemblance a little when I vectorized it.

mafia tweet

Sketched twitter icons # 4 – the dude

This one is similar to the previous one. You simply have to follow this dude;))

cool twitter

Sketched twitter icons – #2 blind twitter

he he. Practicaly unusable…blind twitter

Almost a Twitter Icon

“I tot I tow a putty cat”. Another vector take on the Twitter related illustration. If time alows over the weekend, I will create a set of free twitter icons to download, usable this time so stay tuned. Freebies coming soon. 

Last tweet...

Old skul

I got me a light tracer.

I noticed it in a charity shop the other day and simply coudn’t resist. I mean, five pounds! How could I?  It’s not exactly a professional light box but it does the trick for cleaning up the sketches without scanning the drawings and opening them in a photoshop just fine. I still need to plug it into the power to use it though…

The surface is a little hard and it takes some getting used but the light is pretty strong and goes through a fairly thick paper allowing me to transfer sketches even  from/onto 150gm bristol.


Anti-twitter icon

So how would you get of the twitter craze and go on about discouraging those nosy followers? Here’s an idea for a design that could possibly do the job. Anti-twitter

A gangster type twitter Icon. You followin’ me?

Nothing personal, sonny, strictly business.  I was going for a fat Robert de Niro from a gangster movie twitter icon making you a “follow me” offer you can’t refuse:)(being fully aware it’s Al Pacinos line:) )

Sitting on the airport the whole night I came up with quite a few ideas for twitter related illustrations/icons with a little twist. Stay tuned, there’s more good stuff coming.

gangsta twit

twitter icon, revised

In all eagerness to get on with the design of the twitter icon I forgot about some important bits and pieces ending up with more of a baseball twitter icon as opposed to cricket one. Here are the amendments including more legitimate, blue color version of the twitter bird. My friend still insists on sticking with the yellow one.  Work continues…

twitter icon

Twitter that cricket!

So I am creating a Twitter icon for a friend of mine that runs thecricfanclub.com website. This is the first draft. Vector in Illustrator – based on a pencil sketch. Cute, ain’t it?:) The vector needs some rework to make it more interesting but then again – it is only going to be very small so I guess getting down to the feathers and putting additional highlights and shadows doesn’t make that much sense. Opinions welcome.



Gambler theme

las vegas, babe

I like this sketch and have a feeling that it might turn into quite a decent illustration if I put a little extra work into it.

The ashes – demon batsman



So here is my take on The Ashes related illustration. It is a warm-up but this one is more on the subject matter compared to the other one. I am still chasing the demon cricketer here but not forgetting the batsman attributes. Anyways, I will be taking it further with a T-shirt design in view.

Ree-hee-heeaaly angry

raging vampire

Some more penciling touched with a photoshop highlights. This started as the beginning of series of illustrations/designs for the Ashes 2009 for my friend and his cricket community website: www.TheCricFanClub.com . I am planning to infuse the images with some moderate viciousness, ferocity and dynamics to reflect the level of emotion that will, no doubt, accompany the tournament.

 Obviously, I took this one waaaaaay too far but it is because I was shown this book about cricket history and had a glance at two words “cricket demon” which was enough to get my creative juices flowingJ) I will have a look later on to see what it was referring to but for now, I am honing the image of the demon cricket player. Cool!

More coming soon…  Check the website if you are a real cricket fan! www.TheCricFanClub.com

Tube strike vs. Wolverine


So the tube strike started today and Wolverine could not make it to work. Instead he went down the pub and had a few. Now he just cannot be bovvered;))

Just trying to imagine my favorite character in an everyday-life situations, stripped of superpowers, most of the bulging muscles and, well…  some dignity:) Just a joke, for fun, ya know…

And another one of the series

zolik-lowPolish humour – continuation. It is not a polish humour, really – it is my humour or an attempt, rather…

King, po polsku


A quick sketch – a wordplay in polish depicting a drunken king. Scanned and coloured in photoshop. I enjoyed it very much, especially as it only took an hour!

Another crazy outfit


Sketch that I finally found time to colour. Photoshop and Wacom tablet and a few textures (photo of a stone for the ground, the same photo used for the outfit , and ink splashes for blood stains – all images mine, so no credits to anyone this time:) ) 

Tattoo this!

A hot, tattooed warrior with a sword
A hot, tattooed warrior with a sword

Just something I did recently. It’s been scanned it for colouring in photoshop but for now I am just sharing the B&W version.

Swine thing

Ok, a rather lame timing but it has been in my sketchbook for a while now plus I keep seeing people wearing white masks on the street so I have decided to give those piggies some colour treatment. Besides, the swine flu is going to hang around for a while so (un)luckily, this is still fairly valid(just hope I won’t be one of the three people who gets it).


Night stroll



Sketch that came out pretty weird so I had to give it priority when colouring. Nice tits but the chica kinda wooden;)) Coloured with layers and hand drawn texures. ALMOST traditional way;)


A rather loose collection of faces that I’ve scanned, changed the sketch layer mode to multiply adding a new layer at the bottom and filling it with yellowish color. Then, using the bottom, yellowish layer I added highlights and shadows using pen pressure for the opacity setting in brush dynamics. A little things but makes you all the prouder of your ex-greyscale;)faces-low-more

Karate kids – Vectorized


As promised (to myself)  – introducing some colors. They are quite off, actually but my lunch brake was about to finish so I guess I will have to live with this for now. It is a vectorized part of this sketch which I greedily split in two to appear to have come up with two illustrations. And taking into account it’s vectors – it will be waaaaay more that just two.  Clever!  You gotta love vectors. Cheers!karate-fellas

andro-outfit sketch




Yup, still keeping it greyscale. Not much time, especially recently as I have started freelancing for this cool new company creating personalized wedding invitation. Do check them out if you’re after a wedding invitation with a little extra love. In

fact, this website it in polish but it’s opening for UK really soon. link

Robbo outfit

Chubbly – bubbly

I am getting ready my collection of cartoon-like characters for my attempt to enter the world of istockphoto. So fat… er – so far I have quite a queue of random creatures and working on more so I can have libraries and themes ready for my BIG ENTRY. Good luck me!;)chubby love

Coloring lines in photoshop.


Gun totting chick - work in progress

Gun totting chick - work in progress


Here’s something that have been in my sketchbook long enough. Just started coloring it. Stay tuned – it might come out quite nice in the end.

Molotov fun


Just a mock up, there is no anti green peace ideology or no other ideology for that matter. In fact, whatta pointless image! Enjoy. Soon in color.

A quick yes or no question to the viewer: Does this image totally lack dynamics? Time taken to answer, truly appreciated. 

sketch to say I am sorry…

I promised to write some insightful tips and recommendation for using the pen tool in photoshop but due to various reasons – didn’t.  It is coming, it is coming soon but I just wanted to make sure the info is really worthwhile kind of info, not just gibberish. So, for anyone, who might be feeling a little upset by my slacking – I dedicate this little sketch of a little oops-et girl sitting on the skull(why not?) surrounded by some weird pieces of animals(again – why not). Scanned it quickly and applied some color. Not finished yet, but full of charm, isn’t it?;)


Clean lines – update!

Ok, here’s a sneaky preview of the work so far. At the weekend (the latest) I will share my takes on using the pen tool in photoshop for inking. I have spend so much time using this baby that I actually consider my self quite a mastah by now. NOT.

Still, some things you realize once you start I found some things to bear in mind and some that might turned out helpful for less experience pen users. Stay tuned.

This one does not do greatest justice to all the hard work I’ve put in, twisting my fingers and straining my  back trying to get those crisp and juicy outlines just right but I just couldn’t help to overlay it with some colors and texture that’s, by the way, ripped directly from the original scanned  sketch. I am still trying to work out the colors and the hairdo but It is safe to say there are some wicked costume ideas here (ah, so modest;))). Anyways – here it is:


cool outfit

Clean Lines in Photoshop



I have been through a few youtube videos and other tutorials elsewhere to find out how to create those really crisp and clean outlines when drawing or tracing sketches in Photoshop. I am using a Wacom Intuos 3, with a sheet of paper pasted on top to make the pen feel more natural (it works great, by the way) and I do consider my stroke pretty confident and my hand quite steady. But to follow/trace the curve of the underlying sketch and make it look elegant and effortless – it is a bitch! Actually it is a no-can-do – for me, at least. For this example I took my “babe in the sexy outfit” image 


I opened the image in Photoshop, copied the background layer (CTR + J on PC or CMD + J on Mac), created one more layer on top of the copied one (CTR/CMD+SHIFT+(ALT)+N = hold ALT if you do not want a NEW LAYER dialog box to appear, otherwise, use the same combination without ALT so you will be able to name the layer on the go, which is a good practice) and filled the layer with white colour.



There’s is a very nifty keyboard shortcut for filling the layer with background or foreground color: just make sure your background and foreground colors are set to default by either clicking the two overlapping black and white squares near the bottom of the tools palette(see image) or simply hitting D on your keyboard. From then, just CTR/CMD + BACKSPACE to fill the layer with white or ALT + BACKSPACE to fill it with black. For the purpose of this example, white is recommended;)  

setting default colors in photoshop




Then, I changed the white layer’s opacity to the point where the original sketch showed through but remained nicely dimmed allowing my new, perfectly crisp and clean lines to stand out. In my case this is around 70% and you can either do it dragging the opacity slider (located in the top corner of the layers palette) down to 70% or simply hitting the number 7 on your keyboard (if you type 7 quickly followed  by 5, the opacity will change to 75%)

changing the opacity



After that, all I needed to do is to create one  more layer on top of the white one(again CTRL/CMD+ALT+SHIFT+N) to put my line-art on and I was all set for the hard work.







First of all I tried to go on about it “traditionally”, with the wacom and the brush tool tracing the lines free-hand, erasing unnecessary bits.

When you do that it is important that you first pick a basic round, hard brush(opacity 100%, hardness 100%), open up your BRUSHES palette (F5 on your keyboard or WINDOW > BRUSHES) and make sure you only tick the SHAPE DYNAMICS box changing the SIZE JITTER to PEN PRESSURE

brush dynamics settings
















However good this technique might be for some people, I had to give up. After a couple of hours of drawing, erasing, redrawing, erasing again I had this and was nowhere near satisfied with the result:jagged-freehand

Worn out and disappointed I decided on the pen tool  (P on your keyboard)


pen tool in the toolbox

pen tool in the toolbox

  To be able to use pen tool efficiently, It’s options for it as follows:pen-tool-settings1

Here are first results:smooth-pentool


New flickr thumbnail plugin

One trigger-happy ladyslayer - ladySketchbookrobbo-thingcatwoman - kind ofmartini-babenano-catfroggy-monsterfaces-low-moreangelgreen-pieceswinefluentia:)Night stroll with a skip

Ooops, Just testing it, but I guess It’s not the right magic. I wanted to put in on right-hand side column.

EDIT:  I know it is not the right magic. However, until I find a template that accommodates my needs, these thumbs make a nice line-break:)

Major outfit upgrade


I just had to put this one up here. My wife says this looks sexy;))

Beware tank girl!

Time’s passing by and all I’ve been doing is putting rough sketches here. That WILL change, promise. Maybe not today but DEFINITELY after Easter I will transform these sketches into vectors, paintings comic panels and so on, so stay tuned;)) Now, I present you with another sexy babe with a gun (for a change, obviously). She kicks ass, in my opinion. You are most welcome with yours…


iMac RAM upgrade. Crucial;)

I just pimped my 20″ iMac with an additional RAM  (2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 for less than £21!). Now It’s 3  GIG’s and it has been one of the best computer related investments in my carrier next to wacom tablet. It has cut the time of opening and saving high res, multilayered files in photoshop by 2/3. The same with scanning at high resolution. I do not expect you would see an amazing improvement with and video and 3D editing software but when it comes to Photoshop it’s a bliss. One of the best thing is that I can now paint and draw at high res, using large textured brushes and do not have time for a quick nap in-between the strokes while the computer is trying to cope. Well, this sounded a little extreme, but I there is really a tangible difference between what my Macintosh had been capable of before I fed it the new RAM and what it can do now. Definitely recommended.

petite lady sketch


I love my mechanical pencil. I have almost entirely converted to them. It might be that I am usually drawing on the go, so I do not have time or room to use sharpener every so often but I think it also suits people who, like myself, are large-format shy and prefer small sketches to have everything under control. This allows me to put in plenty of detail into a little thumbnail.


Don’t get me wrong, the richness and softness of a regular 2B lead is great but to me, as far as sketching while travelling combined with an M size sketchbook is concerned, mechanical pencils are a way to go. And you can get them as cheap as chips;)) I got a whole set (three pencils, tube of spare leads, and – this is great: a whole set of replacement erasers!) for something around £1.50 at Asda. Cheee-heeeeeeaaap!


This girl drawing shows clearly that I have been to eraser-happy as well as if you do not have an idea of how a Victorian type of dress should look like, you’re better off sticking to trousers or leggings until you get same references. Whatever. A quick check on what to improve on is priceless.  

rat in a metro

Rat attack

I need a new sketchbook. Things are starting to pile up:) I drew this rat looking at the photo in METRO paper yesterday. I forgot what the article was about but the rat was a fine example! I changed the face expression a little bit after I sketched in the girl in the background as it gave me some ideas… go figure;))

How to change a Wacom’s pen tip

Here’s a tip – do not unscrew anything, just grab it (use your teeth or tweezers) and pull it right out of the pen. Then, put the new one straight in. I just changed it for the first time and thought I’d share.



daily doodle, the opening

Something I drew today on the tube. Still listening to The Prodigy. I know, I should be taking advantage and sketching the actual people on the tube, but I am little afraid  to have my pencils broken…out of the gray – people are so tense nowadays…

Easy skankin’


A quick take on rasta-man under influence of Bob Marley & The Wailers. Not finished but it was done in Painter in about 20 min so It can easily pass as a speed-painting:) Done in Corel Painter, as mentioned with a colour pencil tool. Instant pleasure;) 


Gato on a matcho

So my wife loves cats and I love my wife:)

Sketch scanned into photoshop for colouring and some slight texturing. 

Pencil sketch

a boy


Just something from my way to work between Kings Cross and zone 4;) I find myself sketching a lot quicker with The Prodigy on my MP3;)

A word of explanation on the shaky lines. They are shaky alright, but tube adds a lot, too. 

I will soon include a vector version of this, as I am mastering my bezier curves techniques and this one might be a pretty good example to work with.

New Robot sketching technique


Robot pencil sketch

Robot pencil sketch

Here’s an interesting technique that I have been practicing recently, however on an unfinished example.

So I was sitting in the dark room (lights off, only light source – a TV) and jotting random fine pencil strokes and doodles on the sketchpad without looking. Just making sure to apply almost no force to the pencil. After that, I started connecting lines, tightnening them and so on to end up with this, whatever you call it. Ah, and a silly craping cat added for a funny factor.

This (technique) is actually inspired by one of Andrew Jones’s (from ConceptArt.org) movie-lectures where he said he did something like that while working on a concept for a nintendo game characters (can there be a cooler job?).

As said – unfinished but makes for a nice sketch, doesn’t it?

Catwoman-kinda babe

Kitty on the rooftop


Quick inkpen doodle moved into photoshop. Colour Adjusments and a lovely photoshop brush (made by moi) that gives a nice organic effect.

Does this class as nudity?

martini-babe_flickr I have been leaning towards a lighter style recently. I used to always be into evil looking gobs and nasty monsters but drawing cartoon-like characters is as much fun and allows you to develop your skill. And with “bouncy castles” like these here – even more fun;) (that did sound wrong).

I recently do all my sketches while getting to work, taking time to clean up and tidy the lines(do not clean up too much though! -why removing all the texture if you’ll wanna apply it again in photoshop later on anyway?) until I am fairly satisfied and decide it is ready to be scanned and put through digital colouring.

I like where this one was going but might have stopped the process a little too early. Knowing when to finish – a decision as difficult for the artist as choice of light and colour…

Probably a job for Jack Bauer


Little Kittens, aren't they lovely

Little Kittens, aren't they lovely

I just finished colouring this sketch in photoshop, uploaded it on deviantart.com and then showed it to my Wife. She said:”First of all – poor kitty, you bastard! – second(of all) – where is its tail?…”

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